YouTube launches supervised accounts for tweens and teens


Image: youtube

for PCMag 2021-02-24 23:15:21 UTC

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YouTube recognized that YouTube Kids was too restrictive for older children, while at the same time full YouTube access was too much for young teenagers. Therefore, a third option is introduced for parents. Monitored accounts are set up for tweens (10-14 years old) and teenagers.

James Beser, director of product management, children and family at YouTube, said, “We have heard from parents and older children that tweens and teens have different needs that our products have not fully met. As children grow up, they are voraciously curious and need to gain independence and find new ways to learn, create and belong. “

In collaboration with parents and experts, YouTube developed the concept for monitored accounts, which offers three-level content settings: Explore, Explore More and Most of YouTube. The general guide is that Explore for ages 9+, Explore More for ages 13+, and most of YouTube have access to everything except age-restricted content and sensitive topics that are only suitable for older teenagers.

This new, advanced approach allows parents to switch from YouTube Kids and through the three levels of a monitored account before completely lifting the restrictions when their children become young adults. Currently, the monitored account is offered in an early beta to families under the consent age. You can use feedback to refine the features before making them available to a wider audience.

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