Your selfies and random photos can make you $100s extra – it’s free to start and no experience is necessary


A CLEVER TikToker has revealed how the old photographic keepsakes many people keep on their phones can actually bring in hundreds of dollars more in income.

In 2022, Americans have increasingly been turning to side hustles to offset the rising prices of goods amid inflation and economic uncertainty.


TikToker AshleyParry_ shared how you can make money selling your photos on FoapCredit: TikTok/ashleyparry_

AshleyParry_ is a TikToker known to his 40,000 followers for his content centering around making money online.

Ashley has said he is able to make $30,000 a month just by using his laptop.

Recently, Ashley shared in a video how you can make money daily just by using one app and what you already have on your phone.

“This app requires no experience,” Ashley said. “It costs nothing to start.”

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According to Ashley, there’s a way to sell photos that you already take on your iPhone or Android.

Companies like Bank of America, Kraft, Volvo, Sony and many more are actually in great need of photos that might already be lying in your phone’s archives.

“Literally, it’s selfies of yourself, pictures of food, that pretentious picture of that sailboat that you took,” Ashley explained of the types of photographs companies might be looking for.

The trick is to use the Foap app.

On Foap, you can upload pictures you’ve already taken on your phone

Then companies and agencies are able to buy them for profit.

Foap splits the profits with you 50/50, but if you have a strong repository of saved photographs on hand, you could still be making a hefty amount of spare change.

“Now, of course, people need to actually select your photos,” Ashley said. “But if they do, you have the potential to make hundreds of extra dollars.”

How to get started

The first step to making money from your saved photographs is to download the Foap app.

You can easily sign up for a free account and begin posting your images.

According to Foap, companies can sort through the images to find customized content to tell their brand’s story.

Generally, buying a picture on Foap will cost $10, so you will end up with $5 in the bank with Foap keeping the rest.

If you join a company’s campaign or “mission” on Foap and get selected as the winning picture, you could earn $50.

Ultimately, if you sell many pictures and sell often, however, the revenue is nearly endless.

The app is free to use and allows you to upload bunches of photos at one time.

There is some stiff competition on the site, so keep in mind there’s no guarantee of a sale.

Additionally, if you buy a product to go along with a company’s specific campaign, you risk losing money for a photography session that isn’t profitable.

How to get better results

You increase your chances of making money on the app if your photographs are high quality and in ideal lighting as well as edited carefully.

You will also get better results if you engage in efficient keyword optimization so companies can find your images when they’re looking for them.

The greater the number of photos and the more diverse the types of images you upload are, the higher the chances your pictures consistently get selected and make a profit.

Remember, all income garnered from side hustles still needs to be reported to the IRS.

Otherwise, you risk being fined and audited.

Other side hustles available

Plenty of other side hustles abound as Americans are looking for ways to boost their incomes amid high inflation.

For instance, through an online boutique method of merchandising called dropshipping, you can easily make $2,000 plus by just working two hours per day.

Another “lazy” side hustle involves getting paid $500 a day to transcribe audio.

To make thousands for just 30 minutes of work, general contracting is another great business idea to pursue.

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In other side hustle stories, one man has turned his sewing ability into a $300,000 plus salary business after dropping out of college.

Another dropout has shown how he’s able to support his family with a $150,000 salary running his own cleaning business.

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