young people making sustainable business plans


Entries for the Monaco Ocean Protection Challenge (MOPC) can now be submitted to all students, post-bachelor students and young entrepreneurs. By participating in the fourth edition of this competition, young people have the opportunity to present their sustainable business ideas to a jury of experts.

Since 2018 MOPC has offered young people the opportunity to present their sustainable business ideas. To date, over 200 students have taken part to convince a panel of judges that their business is focused on the oceans’ welfare. Anyone facing the challenge must submit a business plan, along with a minute-long video, explaining their concept and its positive impact on the oceans.

Creativity and innovation are a must. Previous winners have come up with quirky new concepts that range from phone cases made from recycled marine litter to premium textiles made from recycled plastics. Not only do competitors need to demonstrate their commercial expertise by developing a thorough business strategy and budget, but they also need to bring in new ideas.

How can I get involved?

Applications for the 2021 edition of the competition are now open. Potential competitors must be a Bachelor, Master or MBA student or a young entrepreneur. In addition, candidates who want to present their vision for a more sustainable future should be fluent in English and prepare to apply online through the MPOC website.

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