Would you buy Apple’s VR headset if it looked like this?


Despite a recent onslaught of rumors and reports, Apple hasn’t officially announced its long-rumored virtual / augmented reality headset.

That said, we don’t really know what it will look like, other than a pretty rough sketch from The Information based on a picture of a prototype.

Now designer Antonio de Rosa has shared his vision of what the finished product might look like and one thing is for sure – it looks much better than in the sketch.

In De Rosa’s renderings, the headset’s face is a plate of curved black glass (or plastic) with a silver bezel and a silver Apple logo placed in bold in the center. For some reason, I doubt Apple is looking like this (both literally and figuratively) with the logo on it, but the rest of it looks good, slightly retro, and somewhat reminiscent of the black and silver design of the original iPhone.

Image: antonio de rosa

If you look closely, you’ll see cameras and sensors at the top of the visor, just above the Apple logo. According to reports, the headset has passthrough cameras for a mixed reality effect.

Inside, what De Rosa envisioned resembles a snorkeling mask with a rubber headband and a combination of rubber and mesh where the headset hits the face. According to a recent report, the headset will contain powerful hardware, including two 8K displays.

Image: antonio de rosa

All of this, of course, is just an artist’s idea based on a sketch, which in turn is based on an early prototype. In other words, Apple’s actual headset could potentially look different at its final launch, possibly in 2022. The price is unknown, but a report says it will cost around $ 3,000.

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