Wife cries after dog eats over $2,000 of husband’s cash: ‘Who wants her?’

Wife cries after dog eats over $2,000 of husband’s cash: ‘Who wants her?’

We love our pets, but sometimes they can behave like mischievous little children. Innocent as they are, they can get up to some naughty things.

TikToker @kimkruk posted a video after her Labrador Retriever left her in tears. The dog couldn’t have been more oblivious to the aftermath of what it had done. But the pet owner felt the effects nonetheless.

She left her Labrador alone for two hours, and the dog managed to get ahold of the pile of cash left on top of the table.

The canine ate more than $2,000 in bills. The bits of chewed money were scattered everywhere in the living room. It made perfect sense that @kimkruk was crying.

“Who wants her LMAO,” she joked in the caption.

The video received 22 million views and TikTok’s greatest sympathies.

“Collect all the pieces take them to the bank and explain the situation. They should be able to help,” someone commented.

“That dog is a legend,” another wrote.

“I know it is frustrating but your dog is priceless and loves you!” a user said.

In an update, she explained that the reason there was so much cash on the table was that her husband works in construction. He worked all weekend doing a side gig and was paid $2,700 cash.

The dog spared them about $300 after all was said and done. With the advice from the comments, she and her husband are taping up whatever they can and trying to get it replaced at the bank.

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