Why some turn to this seductive sideline to make ends meet


FORT MYERS, Fla. – As the pandemic continues to suppress businesses and keep many unemployed, some different types of jobs are turning to keep the money flowing.

Former Fort Myers resident Jesse Hathaway moved to Chicago a year ago. She usually works in the restaurant industry, but COVID-19 shutdowns left her unemployed.

“I’m usually in the restaurant business, but Chicago is pretty quiet right now,” said Hathaway.

To make ends meet, she decided to create an account on the “OnlyFans” website. It is an online platform where most of the performers post explicit videos and pictures of themselves performing sexual acts.

Once subscribers pay a monthly fee, they have access to the content of the page to which they have subscribed. Hathaway said she decided to give it a try in July 2020 and the money started flowing.

“I think the first week I was shocked and made just over $ 2,000,” said Hathaway.

With that kind of money, she decided to focus more on her seductive sideline.

“At first I was fine, I’ll see what happens. Just rake in the money I get and lock it up, but now it becomes reliable money, ”Hathaway said.

She said there is often a stigma attached to work, but posting explicit content online for money is more common among people than some might think.

“Sometimes it’s the people that nobody expects,” said Hathaway.

Tom Smythe is Professor of Finance at Florida Gulf Coast University. As the pandemic drags on, more and more people are turning to appearances like ridesharing or food delivery for additional income.

“The fact that people have been unemployed for so long that they are trying to do whatever it takes to generate income,” Smythe said.

He said it was risky to miss out on insurance benefits, sick days and paid time off from a traditional employer, but many people now have no choice.

“I think there is some risk, there is considerable risk. That being said, people are desperate for income right now, ”said Smythe.

Meanwhile, Hathaway said she was moving back to the Fort Myers area in two weeks. Your page is not going anywhere.

“I don’t really think I’ll ever get rid of it,” said Hathaway. “That’s the quick buck thing, it’s addicting.”

OnlyFans does not offer any racy content. Users also have the option to subscribe to fitness and yoga channels, among others.

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