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MUNICH, May 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With the flood of daily information, it is increasingly difficult for companies to attract the attention of potential customers. An explainer video is the ideal solution for this, as it gives the prospects an understanding of the benefits of the product or service within a very short time. Loft Film specialises in the creation of professional explainer videos and is up to its ears in enquiries. What makes this agency so successful?



Loft Film knows how to win over customers online

An explainer video is particularly useful for products and services that are difficult to understand or not really tangible. In this context, it’s important to get to the heart of the topic within no more than one to two minutes and to present it in a visually appealing way. Because statistically speaking, prospective clients will lose interest after eight seconds and only stay if they immediately understand the benefits.

This is why the creation of an explainer video requires expert knowledge and experience. One agency that knows how to win over customers online is Munich-based Loft Film. This German production company generates enquiries digitally and earns a seven-figure annual turnover. The Loft Film team includes marketing experts who not only know about online advertising, but are also familiar with sales psychology. The ultimate goal is to create a film that the client needs — and that doesn’t always line up with the film the client would like to have. “Let’s be honest: no one actually wants an explainer video. What companies actually want are more customers,” says Jonas Eisert, managing director and founder of Loft Film. That’s why the agency doesn’t see itself as a filmmaker, but as a partner that helps companies win over more customers.

How an explainer video is created at Loft Film

Loft Film is based in downtown Munich, Germany and creates around 500 explainer videos a year. The agency’s clients range from one-man start-ups to multinationals like Allianz and Scout24. Since the agency receives so many enquiries that it cannot accept them all, interested companies have to fill out a questionnaire and “apply” via the website. A short introductory call is scheduled to ascertain whether a collaboration makes sense and whether the client and agency are a good fit. If so, a free strategy session follows, in which a strategy and concept for the film are drawn up. This not only includes the film’s content but also where it will be used.

“After all, the best video is useless if no one sees it,” Jonas Eisert explains. For example, a film for a trade fair has to be structured quite differently than a film for a website. The viewer’s awareness level also plays an important role. For example, if someone searches via Google, they already know that they need a certain product or service. The video does not have to convince them of the offer itself, but of the provider. If, on the other hand, the video is shown to Facebook users, they are not actively searching and must first be convinced of the offer’s value. In the same way, Loft Film adapts the design of the explainer video to the target group and context in which it is shown.

The first step when working together is the kick-off, during which the client gets to know one of the video experts and provides them with more information about the target group, USPs, and the objective. Then, a script is written — and not just as a side gig by a graphic designer, as is the case with some agencies. Instead, a professional scriptwriter introduces creative ideas into the story. The designers then create a storyboard, with individual, hand-drawn images for reference in each scene. Templates or modular systems are not used. Once the client is satisfied with the storyboard, the images are “brought to life”. This also includes suitable background music and a professional voiceover artist. It takes a total of about six weeks for the customer to receive their finished video — less in some cases. The agency can react flexibly to the customer’s wishes.

Customer feedback illustrates how the agency, founded in 2016, has evolved into one of the most successful production houses for explainer videos in the world within just a few years. Above all, they appreciate the quality of the explainer videos. “Many people finally understand what it is we do” is a sentence Loft Film’s video experts hear again and again from the customers. Clients also praise the smooth and goal-oriented cooperation with Loft Film – it’s obvious to them professionals are at work here who carry out each project with dedication. They know working with Loft Film is a very worthwhile investment, so it’s not surprising that many customers have already created two, three, or sometimes more than ten videos with them.

Loft Film creates explainer videos that inspire and help companies win more customers and, as a result, generate more turnover.

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