Who was Xolo Maridueña before Cobra Kai?


He has been acting professionally since he was ten, but that role has changed everything!

You can spot 19-year-old Xolo Maridueña from NBC’s parenting or Dealin ‘With Idiots. The actor has had other notable supporting roles in various television shows, but it is NetflixCobra Kai who put him in the spotlight. Before Xolo took part in parenting, he worked on commercials and print advertising. His first acting appearance was in a Sears commercial that he landed when he was nine. It’s pretty obvious that Mr. Maridueña should be a star.

He has been a professional actor since he was ten. Although he initially viewed the craft as a sideline that could potentially pay off for college, taking on a role on Parenthood showed him that acting can be much more than just a sideline. The thespian decided to pursue his dream of becoming an actor, even though he actually wanted to become a chemist – at least until he took AP chemistry. Before fame knocked, he had flirted with the idea of ​​pursuing a career in STEM.

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His first acting job was in a Sears commercial

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At the age of only 19, Xolo gained enormous fame. Cobra Kai is currently one of the biggest shows in the world. The Karate Kid franchise show has taken the world by storm and Maridueña is taking center stage. After starting his commercial career, the actor got his first job when he was nine. The Sears commercial was his first audition and he did it.

He appeared in multiple commercials and print ads before taking on his breakout role in Parenthood. Xolo has worked with seasoned industry giants and describes the experience as a great first start for him as an actor. What better way to get into the Hollywood scene than on Parenthood?

While on the show, he realized that acting was a profession and that he could do it for a living.

In an interview with Cryptic Rock, the star revealed, “It was a very interesting experience to be 11-12 years old especially in a world where everyone is basically over 30. Everyone is so experienced, especially in a show like Parenthood. Throwing The mix with all of these A-list actors / actresses was a little intimidating at first, but it was really a great first start for me as an actor. It really settled in my brain for me that this is a job. and that is something you can do for a living. “

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Before Fame knocked, he wanted to be a chemist

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Xolo was born to act, he’s a natural onscreen. His smooth transition into adulthood and more complex roles prove that the star is one to look out for. What might surprise most people is that acting wasn’t his first option. The actor originally wanted to be a chemist. Thanks to AP chemistry, he realized that this wasn’t what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Though he also revealed that he would have pursued a career as a STEM had it not been for acting on the table.

In an interview with Looper, Xolo revealed, “Man, I’ve wanted to be a chemist for the longest time. I think it wasn’t until I started taking AP Chemistry that I thought,” I can’t do this, that’s not what I want, the rest of my life it will be. “Even in high school, I took all of my AP classes and did my fair share of them, but I think if there wasn’t any acting I would definitely have done something in the STEM area. Maybe some kind of engineer or something.”

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He loves acting and was determined to do the job. We bet his fans are happy that Xolo made his dream of becoming an actor come true.

“I have friends who are just going through college and going through the process of becoming engineers and it’s admirable. But I think it’s the same kind of drive. I really love acting and that’s why I feel ready to put it down Put in the extra hours and really take your time. And they are the same with their craft, so I think there is a Cobra Kai for everyone. “

Because he started when he was quite young, there were times when his job collided with his education. Still, the star told Beyond The Spotlight, “I am fortunate to have teachers and counselors at my school to help me film. It is without a doubt a difficult thing to manage AP classes and film across the country. I managed to get it working and still pulling over 4.0. “

Full of exceptional talent and passion, Xolo has what it takes to become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading actors. He is definitely one to watch.

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