Warangal: Outsourcing jobs on sale


Warangal: The appointment of outsourcing jobs in the Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation (GWMC) appears to be in the eye of controversy. Speaking to the media persons in Hanumakonda on Sunday, Warangal DCC president Naini Rajender Reddy said that crores of rupees changed hands in the appointment of outsourcing jobs. He alleged that the TRS people’s representatives in connivance with the officials sold out the vacancies. The MLAs, the Corporators and the officials shared the amount accrued through appointing as many as 452 outsourcing jobs. They took a bribe of anywhere around Rs 3 lakh for each appointment, he added.

The officials have removed 52 employees who have been working for the last 10 months to accommodate the candidates of the people’s representatives. Even the employees who have received appreciation certificates for their workmanship have been removed, Reddy said. These employees have lost the benefits of PF and ESI. Now the contractor is scared of facing the wrath of these employees, he added.

Reddy demanded the government order CBI or Vigilance inquiry into the outsourcing appointments. “We have incriminating evidence to prove the irregularities in the appointment of outsourcing staff. We have a list of employees who got jobs through the backdoor. We also have recommendation letters issued on letterheads of the MLAs,” Naini said. Reddy demanded the authorities to reinstate the 52 employees. Otherwise, we will lodge a complaint with the Warangal Commissioner of Police, he threatened.

Former MP Sircilla Rajaiah criticised the TRS leaders accusing them of selling the jobs. It’s a shame on TRS leaders and officials who were involved in the corruption. He found fault with Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and MA&UD Minister KT Rama Rao who let their MLAs do such things. Corporators Thota Venkateshwarlu, Pothula Sriman, senior leaders Perumandla Ramakrishna, Bommathi Vikram, Mirza Azizullah Beig and Pallakonda Sathish were among others present.

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