Valentina Rossi Is Moonlighting As An Elite American Wrestler, Apparently


A popular Maltese drive-time radio host may have a side gig whooping opponents and delivering perfectly executed suplexes in Orlando, Florida.

Fans of Valentina Rossi noticed that she had become a part of a very random organisation – the All-Elite Wrestling (AEW), at least according to the Professional Wrestling Wiki.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Valentina Rossi had appeared on the site as the alter ego of Noelle Giorgi, aka Adriana Gambino aka Jenny Levy. 

The official Valentina Rossi wrestling page

Rossi, who goes by the name of ‘The Mafiosa’, was born in New Jersey and works in Orlando, Florida. 

The wrestler is known for linking back to her Mediterranean roots and is known for rolling out the sauce puns whenever she can.

While the two may share the name, the mistaken inclusion of the Maltese Rossi’s image on the All-American Rossi’s wiki page led some to wonder – has Valentina Rossi lowkey been flying to Orlando for some secretive bouts when no one was looking?

Lovin Malta reached out to Rossi to find out if she’s ever entered a wrestling ring.

“Never say never,” she told us. “So, how many raw eggs should I be downing daily now?”

Pictured above: Rossi after a wrestling match

Tag someone who would be first in line to watch a Valentina Rossi wrestling match 

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