United Fresh’s BrandStorm is hosting a global marketing discussion


United Fresh’s sixth annual BrandStorm ™ event will take place online from March 9-11, 2021. The event will host the general session, Global Marketing: Foreign Trends, where marketers from around the world share perspectives from each of their business areas on changing fresh produce marketing strategies.

The panel will be moderated by the British Beanstalk Global broadcaster Max MacGillivray. He will be joined by panelists Marius du Plessis, CEO of ClemenGold International (PTY) Ltd. in South Africa. Alies Padding MSc, Innovation Manager at NNZ, Inc. in the Netherlands; and Mónica Moreno Arellano, Marketing Manager, Grupo PM in Mexico.

“I am honored to be hosting this discussion during United Fresh’s BrandStorm,” said MacGillivray. “The pandemic has changed the way we market our fresh produce around the world so much. It is important to take advantage of opportunities like BrandStorm to discuss how we can identify trends and examine how different regions around the world are successfully reaching products through product marketing. ”

Marius du Plessis has been CEO of ANB Produce and Marketing (ANB-PM) and ClemenGold International (its branded industry) for the past five years after serving as General Manager for the UK and Europe of international citrus brand JAFFA. In his current position, he strategically leads the marketing and branding efforts of citrus brands such as ClemenGold® Mandarins, LemonGold® Seedless Lemons and Sweet C® Soft Citrus on a global scale. These brands have a strong B2B and B2C presence in around 40 countries and nearly 100 retail, wholesale and online platforms.

Marius graduated from the University of Pretoria in BComm Marketing and started his career in the fresh produce sector at Westfalia, the South African avocado giant.

Marius spent thirteen of the last 24 years abroad in the Netherlands and the UK and looked forward to returning to South Africa to apply his experience and knowledge in the local industry. His focus remains on fresh products and makes a strong contribution, especially in the areas of sales, logistics, branding and marketing.

Alies Padding MSc, Innovation Manager at NNZ, Inc., has 30 years of experience in product and market development and is a trained polymer chemistry engineer with a graduate degree in marketing and a master’s degree in innovation. After working at Akzo Nobel as Technical Development Manager, Marketing Manager at Alcan Packaging and Global Packaging Manager at Holland Colors, she currently works as Innovation Manager at NNZ, Inc. and subsidiaries worldwide. She has developed a fact-based approach to sustainable packaging that allows customers to choose the packaging that fits their sustainable packaging strategy.

Monica has worked for Grupo PM, a marketing and PR agency, for 17 years, specializing in managing marketing programs for US and Spanish groups in Mexico, Central and South America.

She is currently team leader for the New Business Impulse of Grupo PM, with which she was able to develop new agricultural products in various markets such as Mexico, the USA, Canada and Europe. Monica has worked with well-known Spanish brands such as Olive Oil, Olives and Rioja Wine and developed communication and promotion strategies for them in the Mexican market. Most recently, Monica became director of digital marketing and social media at Grupo PM, developing leading digital strategies for all of the agency’s clients.

The Global Marketing: International Trends Panel discussion will take place on Wednesday, March 10 at 8:00 am EST. Later that day at 2:30 p.m. EST, the Produce Marketing & Merchandising Council will host an encore discussion to gain insight into the morning’s presentation and to ensure that all BrandStorm attendees have access to key food stalls.

“There are a number of similarities in the product industry that apply around the world: We all produce nutritious food products. We all have a buyer and / or an end user. As marketers, it is our responsibility to raise awareness of our business and our products, ”said Mary Coppola, vice president of marketing and communications at United Fresh. “When you step back to take a macroeconomic look at marketing trends around the globe, you can let fresh produce companies near and far know how we are ahead of us.”

BrandStorm, a project by the Produce Marketing & Merchandising Council, is designed to involve all levels of branding and marketing professionals in the product industry who want to expand their knowledge of marketing strategies, tools and innovations.

United Fresh members can join BrandStorm for $ 495. Marketing teams (from the same company) receive discounts at a reduced price of $ 395 each when they register two or more colleagues. Non-members can enter for $ 695. You can register here: www.unitedfresh.org.

For more information about BrandStorm training, registration, or sponsoring the event, please contact Mary Coppola, Vice President Marketing & Communications, at 202-303-3425.

Via United Fresh Produce Association

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