‘Undercover Billionaire’: How are Monique, Grant and Elaine doing business? Here is a quick summary


When it comes to being successful no matter what you do and who you are, it always boils down to the rush. Starting from scratch is not easy, but not impossible. And while conversation is cheap, Grant Cardone, Monique Idlett and Elaine Culotti are here to pour their money into the second season of ‘Undercover Billionaire’.

These three self-made business tycoons are here to face the ultimate challenge – building a successful business in 90 days while standing under a pseudonym with no assets or contact by name and only with a cell phone, truck and $ 100 -Dollars are armed. Given that they’ll each be dropped off in three cities they’ve never been to before, it’s up to them to put their knowledge and skills to the test and start a business from scratch.


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The show so far

The series is currently in three episodes and tensions are already high as Grant Cardone, Monique Idlett and Elaine Culotti start the race to craft their business plan and make it happen. Aside from their general lack of resources, this seems to have gotten even more difficult as they are currently trying to do this in the middle of a pandemic. So far, here is the update on each of their deals / ideas.

Poster for ‘Undercover Billionaire’ (Discovery +)

Monique Idlett plans to start a health food store that makes healthy juices and juice shots, aiming to bring healthy and clean food to the city of Tacoma. She is currently in the process of attracting vendors and investors and planning her marketing campaigns.

Elaine Culotti saw the potential of Shepherd’s Inn and convinced the owner to convert a room in the Inn into a delicatessen and grocery store. Work on renovating the inn is well under way and as a personal gain for Culotti, it may have successfully found a potential investor as well.

Of the three, Cardone has arguably received the most funding. After his marketing campaign for Mark Smith, the latter gave him a check for $ 10,000 to conduct further activities. After the funding was secured, Cardone focused more on getting his family to live with him, and his business idea has definitely faded into the background for now.

How to stream ‘Undercover Billionaire’

You can watch new episodes of the second season every Wednesday at 8 p.m. exclusively on Discovery +. You can also watch the previous episodes of this season in case you want to keep yourself up to date.

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