Tyler Tysdal On How Business Brokers Can Help Sell Your Business


Many entrepreneurs today start their business with the intention of having more freedom in their life while pursuing their passions. Eventually some business owners decide they want to make an exit from their day to day business in order to really enjoy the freedom they have achieved by becoming financially independent. Unfortunately most entrepreneurs lack the experience to effectively prepare their business for sale to get the maximum value. That is where a business broker like Tyler Tysdal can help.

Entrepreneurs Need To Remain Focused on Their Business

A lot of business owners have a psychological tie to their business which can often be an emotional factor that impedes their decision making and takes away from their efficiency at running their business. The business owner should spend as little time as possible on selling business so that they can focus on running their business to make sure they can get the maximum value. In order to attract the very best prospects and get top dollar for your business, it needs to be running efficiently. For this reason, Tyler Tysdal emphasizes that an entrepreneur must stay focused on their business and leave the selling to the brokers so they can focus on getting the max value at closing.

Brokers Spend the Time Qualifying the Buyers

Marketing a business means marketing, attracting, and fielding a lot of buyer queries. If you have actually ever before tried marketing a business straight, you’ll recognize that taking care of purchaser questions takes a lot of time. Many proprietors just don’t have the moment to field the 75 or even more buyer interactions that it takes to sell a business. These buyers hardly ever purchase the initial business they inquire about and also typically check out numerous listings prior to finding one that fits their actual needs and desires.

Otherwise, they understand exactly how to advertise a business offer for sale as well as exactly how to screen out individuals who are either financially unable to acquire or otherwise really interested yet are “just looking”.

While local business owner recognize how to run their firms, they are normally not experienced in the business sale procedure, nor have they spent time preparing. Great business brokers, on the other hand, know how to handle this procedure as well as can be a considerable resource to business owners. Most business brokers have actually learned the process of buying or marketing a business through personal experience, education, or some combination of both.

Business brokers are specialists and it is essential you make certain your business broker brings both knowledge as well as experience to their overall presentation to perspective buyers.

Business brokers can help all of the parties involved in the sale to navigate all aspects of the process as smoothly as possible. They can also help you to prepare the business for sale with financial tips to get top value and the perfect time to sell your business.

Business Brokers Have a Network

Business brokers have the latest sales and also advertising and marketing tools readily available to them that make the businesses they work with to sell faster and also bring in a higher quality purchaser. Brokers also typically have a rolodex of contacts to start with. Networking to find a buyer for your business is one of the most successful ways to sell it to the perfect buyer.

Organizations that sell with a business broker sell faster, and they get a bigger purchase price than when the business proprietors choose to go it alone. By using a targeted technique, a business broker can show the firm to the appropriate market segment, and get a top value offer much quicker.

Difference Between Business Broker and Investment Banker

Sometimes there is confusion on whether to use a business broker or an investment banker. Robert Hirsch from Freedom Factory discusses these differences in the video below.

Business owners can always explore their options by speaking with a business broker. Tyler Tysdal spends a lot of time on the phone with business owners coaching them on what they can do whether it is preparing their business for sale, or how to increase their revenue to make it a more attractive buy. Contact Tyler Tysdal for a free business valuation or just to ask questions about the overall process.

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