Twitter bans Project Veritas after a video was posted from a Facebook employee’s home


Project Veritas can no longer post their misleadingly edited videos on Twitter.

The conservative activist group founded by right-wing provocateur James O’Keefe has been permanently banned from Twitter. O’Keefe’s personal account has also been temporarily suspended by the company.

Twitter took action Thursday after Project Veritas’s account posted a video of one of its activists, Christian Hartsock, speaking to Facebook Vice President Guy Rosen outside his home.

Rosen’s home address is visible in the video.

Interestingly, Project Veritas posted the same video on their Facebook account. The video is still live on the platform at the time of publication.

Hartstock tried to get Rosen to talk about Facebook’s policy of disabling comments on posts within groups that “have a high rate of hate speech or content that incites violence”.

According to a Twitter spokesperson, the Project Veritas account has been “permanently banned for repeated violations of Twitter’s private information guidelines.” This policy prohibits users from sharing information about another person, such as B. personal phone numbers and addresses without their permission.

O’Keefe’s personal account will be restored as soon as he deletes his own tweet with the Rosen video, which is currently not visible on his profile due to its banned status. However, in a phone interview with TheWrap, O’Keefe signaled that he may not be allowed to remove the tweet.

The Veritas project has a long history of distorting video and presenting its version of events under the guise of journalism.

Project Veritas’s biggest name recognition was a 2009 advocacy trick from ACORN that helped enroll people in low-income communities to vote. The rigged videos prompted lawmakers to cut ACORN’s government funding, causing the 40-year-old group to close their doors. O’Keefe later paid $ 100,000 to an agent on the ACORN video after a legal settlement was reached and an investigation by the California Attorney General found ACORN had done nothing wrong.

O’Keefe and his group have since attempted similar smear campaigns, such as a botched sting in the Washington Post in 2017.

Project Veritas will continue to produce misleading content, but they will not be able to post it on Twitter. And it’s entirely up to O’Keefe whether he wants to reactivate his personal account. All he has to do is delete the tweet in question.

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