TV Review: Superman & Lois, Latest TV News


The fact that Warner Bros has found new treatment for Krypton’s last son should be welcomed.

Within the first minutes of this superhero series, which takes place in the Arrowverse franchise, the origin is neatly told and we get the grand premise – Clark Kent / Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) are parents.

Their children are part of an insidious crowd that has long threatened to disrupt peace and stability around the world – they are teenagers.

Lois and Clark’s boys are twins, but far from identical. Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) is the blonde sports jock, while Jordan (Alexander Garfin) has a social anxiety disorder.

Both are unaware of their father’s side appearance and the question is: will one or both inherit his powers?

While Hoechlin is a physically unconventional and rather small Superman – and it takes a while to get past the sculpted muscle suit as a Big S – he exudes the right amount of Nice and really sells this Boy Scout.

And he and Tulloch have a credible chemistry, albeit more than a couple as a team.

While it’s not as grim as some modern take on the DC heroes, it’s not the light and airy world of sister shows like The Flash or Supergirl. Part of the real world has leaked here.

Clark is laid off after buying The Daily Planet, and Smallville – traditionally Ma and Pa Kent’s healthy home – is not a happy country with sun-drenched cornfields and advice on salt of the earth.

So here are the new Kents who are moving back to the family farm to help the community.

Our protagonists still fall on type, however – Newshound Lois is suspicious of the banks, and there’s a new villain sabotaging nuclear facilities that Superman can take on.

Given that the creators are still struggling to get DC Comics characters to work on the big screen, Superman & Lois comes up with a new mindset and sure of what they want to do.

Whether it will keep people watching remains to be seen. To do this, the young Kents have to become more interesting as soon as possible.

SUPERMAN & LOIS premieres on Warner TV (StarHub Ch 515 / Singtel Ch 306) February 24th, 9 p.m., with new episodes broadcast every Wednesday at 9:50 p.m.

SCORE: 3/5