Trib Total Media’s $ 1 Million Shop Local Marketing Grant Program Extended


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Trib Total Media will extend its 2021 Shop Local Marketing Grant program after a strong response from local businesses that applied for the initial funding allocation.

The program started in April 2020 in the jaws of the pandemic. It helps locally owned businesses by matching their ad purchases – essentially doubling the ad purchase and offering a range of options. The program started with a pool of $ 250,000 that was quickly expanded to $ 1 million to meet demand.

The efforts of 2021, which began January 1, received a similar response.

“When we raised an additional $ 1 million in grants in the first quarter of 2021, that seemed like a healthy figure,” said Matt Miller, Trib Total Media’s chief revenue officer. “After just 14 days, our funds for the quarter were drawn. But we won’t brake. “

Shop Local is open to companies with two or fewer locations in the region. As a local company with deep community roots, Trib Total Media has particular ties to other independent local companies, said Jennifer L. Bertetto, President and CEO of Trib Total Media. “We appreciate the business challenges of the pandemic and are determined to see the region work its way to the other side.”

Applications will continue to be accepted until the end of January.

“The companies in our community need support, and we want to be a partner to seek help from,” said Miller.

Stoney’s Kitchen and Bath has been using the grant since the program began. The Irwin-based remodeling company is part of Stone & Co., a construction supplier company in Greensburg that has been family-owned for over 85 years.

“The opening of a kitchen and bathing center was a completely new thing for the company. Not many people knew our story at first, ”said Mike Stump, manager of Stoney’s Kitchen and Bath. “Our work with the Trib helps people understand what we are about. It drove business in the door and earned us more credit. “

The National Aviary, known as the nation’s bird zoo, has also been on the program since it opened last year. The nonprofit is a treasure trove on the north side of Pittsburgh and is funded primarily by admissions and program revenue – heavily from both statewide and statewide closings and capacity restrictions due to covid-19. That’s why they benefited greatly from the game program.

“This fellowship has been a great opportunity for us,” said Megan Hinds, senior manager, marketing and communications for National Aviary. “Thanks to the Trib advertising game, we were able to maximize our approval goals, collect individual donations for the aviary and further expand our marketing budget, which was limited by the pandemic. We were able to re-enroll in 2021 and we’re delighted that the Trib continues to help us manage a strong advertising campaign that will support our mission. “

The overwhelming response to the extension of the program in 2021 “confirms to us that our region’s economy is sustaining and that companies can see the horizon ahead,” said Bertetto. “Our employees appreciate the opportunity to work with other local companies that share this prospect.”

“The toughest times bring out the best in people,” Miller said. “We see it with our customers every day. They turn their businesses into remote work, convert to take-away, or offer their customers a safe environment. While this is difficult work, it is also inspiring to watch. We have a resilient business world that refuses to be victims. “

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