Top 12 Village Business Ideas to Make You Rich


There 12 profitable village business ideas give big benefits with small investment

Don’t want to move to a city to start a new business? Here, we have compiled a complete list of 20 village business ideas which have been tried and tested. You can establish a stable business which will get you huge profits without having to go anywhere.

Tea Point

There are roadside tea points in big cities which see hundreds of customers every day. Villages do not yet have such spaces where people can gather over a cup of their favorite drink. Starting a tea business does not require much investment. You can even do it in an open space. Make sure you choose your location wisely, ideally bus stops or the peepal tree under which people gather.

Flour Mill

A flour mill can be started with little investment and can turn out to be very profitable as people in villages do not prefer packaged flour. With good services, it can also be extended to get more business from neighboring villages as well.

Dairy Supply

You can start a dairy supply business in your city by supplying milk produced in your village to milk companies in cities. There are many loans available to start this business and you would quickly recover this money as it is a very profitable enterprise and the initial investment is not much.


A pharmacy is one of the most demanded business in villages as many of them do not have medicine availability. This requires a bit of investment, but once settled, it could prove to be a secure and steady source of income.

Retail Store

Any kind of retail store, from a sweet shop to a general store, works well in villages. The initial investment will benefit you for years to come.

Poultry Farm

Poultry farming can be started on a very small scale and can then be expanded livestock as well. It is one of the best village business ideas which requires minimal investment and labor.

Pearl Farming

Pearl farming is a very unique business idea which can be started in a small pond with the investment of only a few thousand rupees. Once acquire expertise in pearl farming, you can earn even in lakhs.

Oil Mill

Like flour mill, oil mill can also be established in villages for the extraction of soybean, groundnut, and mustard oil. The initial investment can be covered with a loan which can easily be related as the profit is really high.

Banana Chips Making

Banana chips are high in demand and you can start a business making and marketing banana chips with very little investment.

Egg Tray Making

This is another unique business idea which will only require a 400 sq ft of plot to establish an egg Tray manufacturing unit. Egg trays are made from waste paper pulp so other than the money spent in unit establishment, investment would remain low.

Ginger Garlic Paste Making

Ginger garlic paste is in a very high demand in cities where people no longer prefer grinding these cooking essentials. The production process is very simple. A little investment on packaging and marketing can go a long way.

Internet Cafe

Availability of internet in villages is not yet a norm in the country. Therefore, you can start an internet cafe where you can charge users a fee per hour. It requires minimal investment and can create a steady income.

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