Top 10 B2B Instagram Marketing Strategies That Can Bring You Better ROI


Who Said Instagram Is Only For Posting Photos And Videos? It’s more than just your average entertainment platform. Millennials currently invest half of their time in social media platforms. In a way, this has presented a great opportunity for marketers to grow their business. Instagram is one of the most powerful brand marketing channels today and has reportedly helped several B2B companies grow their sales slightly.

According to a study conducted by TrackMaven, B2B companies currently have the highest engagement rate on social media platforms such as Instagram. Instagram currently promotes large interactions based on the number of followers. Not only does Instagram help promote posts via comment mode, but it even provides space for photos, text and videos right on the platform so your followers don’t have to look elsewhere for your company’s content.

10 B2B Instagram Marketing Strategies

Instagram offers a variety of benefits for B2B marketing. Here I have listed some strategies that can be used for Instagram marketing. Let’s take a look at it one by one:

  1. Create an engaging Instafeed

A well-built Instagram profile is a must to keep your users on your side. Create an alluring button to invoke actions. This could encourage users to click on it and check out your website as well. A professional design team can help you create daunting images for your Instagram feed. Find out how brands like Iconosquare are attracting more users by creating eye-catching news feeds.

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2. Display your brand history

Talking about your brand is very important to your B2B marketing on Instagram. Never promote your company directly on social media platforms as direct advertising could irritate people. However, if you post visually engaging images that say a lot about your brand, people might be interested in taking a look.

In addition to providing your brand description and contact information, you also need to reach potential customers with content such as visual images and videos that actually say a lot about your brand.

Use the feed content part to convey your brand story to the audience. People should know about your brand in order to use your products, services, and become your lawyers.

Go for Influencer Marketing

An influencer or content creator can help you get more engagement on your Instagram feeds. They share their real opinions and other information on various products, topics and services from you.

B2B influencer marketing can help accelerate your brand awareness. Instagram is currently widely used by most B2B companies to bring their business to the fore. However, only 11% of B2B brands have started working on influencer marketing programs.

4. Show your team strength

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Talking more about the people behind the scenes or BTS is something your followers would love to see. Most B2B brands now showcase their employees in their store. To give the company a goodwill, companies are now using the IGTV channel and introducing their employees, who are the main responsible for the company’s success. This mind-blowing strategy has earned them massive followers.

Apart from that, you can also take advantage of the Instagram story section and show off your team’s hard work. Almost 500 million Instagram users go through the Instagram stories every day. This gives B2B marketers a lucrative opportunity to promote their business or get more followers to their business page.

5. Use hashtags

Another strategy of B2B marketing is to enable your customers to learn more about your expertise. You can do this by promoting educational content that is more focused on your products and services. Also, use bite-sized content or quotes that talk about what your business is actually up to.

You can also use hashtags to get more reach on Instagram. Make sure you are using the correct business hashtags that demonstrate your expertise. Remember, hashtags play an important role for your target audience to find out about your business.

6. Explain how your products / services can be used

As a B2B brand, you need to simplify your purchasing process. Use Instagram and explain how a person can use your products and services in a simplified way. For example, you can upload short explanatory videos that give your followers a demo on how to use your product or service.

Apart from that, you can also provide product reviews or service reviews of your company as this will inform your followers about your product. You can even offer your users a free trial option that will help you increase the number of followers on your Instagram business page and convert your prospects into leads. Here’s an example of how a brand like Amplify Education took advantage of the concept of a “free trial”.

7. Increase traffic to your site

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By using Instagram, you can drive more visitors to your website. Yes, and that too in that only a few tactics or strategies are preset.

First, paste a website link right into your Instagram bio. This will help your visitors or followers get redirected to your company website if they try to enter through your profile.

Also, you need to regularly post pictures or videos where you can implement a CTA button or URL link. This link helps visitors to visit your website with just one click.

Other than that, using Instagram Ad is guaranteed to drive more traffic to your website. If you offer clickable URLs in your Instagram ad, your followers can participate directly in your digital campaigns.

8. Build trust with your target audience

Instagram has the innate ability to reach an untapped audience. The more active you are on your Instagram business page, the more your presence will be displayed in front of your potential customers. You can also do better business by interacting with your prospects regularly.

Your goal should also be to appeal to those audiences who are deeply interested in your brand or the type of products or services you offer. Instagram also sees a factor in cold targeting, which means people have never heard or seen your business before. You can even turn your cold audiences into leads with Instagram ad campaigns.

9. Use Instagram advertising campaigns

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Start with promotional campaigns for Instagram. Advertise according to people’s behavior and interest on your Instagram business page.

For example, potential customers visit your website but leave without completely browsing your website. However, later on they are surfing Instagram and your ad is somehow appearing on their phone or desktop screen and they are kind of finding it interesting.

This will keep your customer’s eyes on the screen, then the chances are higher that your prospect will become your satisfied customers. In this way, you are on the way to building a trust factor with your customers.

10. Share your customer testimonials

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In the event that a potential customer is interested in your products and services, the person concerned will primarily look for your customer references and success stories of the projects carried out. It would be a hassle for them to visit your website and then look at the testimonial segment or the customer review segment. Then it is ideal if you can share the case studies or success stories on your Instagram page.

People who have previously bought a product or service from you may be curious to make another purchase and they may lead you to bring the customer back. For B2B marketing, this is one of the most appropriate and true ways to get more money out of it. You can easily upload your customer ratings and video testimonials to the IGTV area. This guarantees that you will gain followers and do business.

In the bottom line

Marketing on social media can be very easy, especially when it comes to Instagram. The only thing you need here is the right marketing strategies. If you are able to apply these proven strategies, you are sure to get a profit advantage.

To conclude, let’s summarize the 10 marketing strategies we just discussed. This includes creating an engaging Insta feed, displaying your brand story, influencer marketing, showing your team strength, using hashtags, explaining how your product or service is used, increasing traffic to your website, building Trust your target audience, use Instagram ad campaigns and share your customer testimonials.

Do you have any other B2B Instagram marketing strategies in mind? Let me know in the comments below.