Through acquisitions and technology, Home Health Outsourcing Company InHome Therapy improves its value proposition


InHome Therapy has worked to establish itself as the preferred option for home health professionals for their therapy requirements ever since it entered the market in 2021. The corporation has concentrated on increasing its growth through acquisitions in order to achieve this.

Home health organisations might outsource therapy services to InHome Therapy, a company situated in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

InHome Therapy has grown significantly over the previous six months. With the acquisitions of Contract Therapy Services Inc., based in Fort Myers, Florida, Remedy Therapy, based in Austin, Texas, North Texas Home Therapy Professionals, based in Dallas, and Advanced Healthcare, situated in Palm Beach, Florida, this organisation has expanded its personnel and geographic reach.

According to InHome Therapy’s COO Meaghan Chitwood, each of the acquisitions contributes something special to the company’s operations.

Chief Revenue Officer of InHome Therapy Dan Haggerty believes that vacation therapy has the potential to develop into a new market.

She cited Contract Therapy Services as having more speech therapists than the typical business. It helped us enhance our speech and change the way we thought about speech therapy, which was quite beneficial. Remedy gave us permission to relocate to Texas, and their work in travel therapy was fascinating.

According to him, the vacation wasn’t initially on our radar or something we were seeking for. “Now that we are aware of how this firm operates and all of the opportunities that may exist, we see that travel is likely to play a significant role in the range of services we offer. In fact, we’re spending a sizable chunk of our cash right now selling travel-related services.

This facet of the company’s operations also enables it to collaborate with organisations in markets where InHome Therapy is less well-known.

InHome Therapy received roughly 10% of its referrals two weeks ago from markets in which it was not active four or five months prior, according to Haggerty. According to Matt Murphy, CEO of InHome Therapy, “We truly think of it as a partner to home health care operators in managing their therapy services.” According to our model, we oversee every facet of their therapeutic business.

InHome Therapy is now concentrating on growing its business in the markets it has entered after finishing a significant acquisition campaign. Chitwood stated, “We’re searching for ways to differentiate ourselves from the folks that are in our same space.

Both its founding investment NewSpring and new investor TT Funds Partners have contributed growth capital to InHome Therapy. The business chose not to reveal how much it raised. Technology development is just one of the ways where the extra monies will be used.

As technology advances, Chitwood stated, “we’re examining what we can do to be more specialised when it comes to our agencies’ needs.” “What procedures must be followed? How do we ensure that we accomplish every objective along the way? Chitwood used the comparison between a landfill and an OASIS landfill as an illustration of the need to provide the business with consistent decision points.

The non-clinical components of a therapist’s job are all identified and looked for technology solutions to streamline as part of InHome Therapy’s technology development. InHome Therapy has several objectives for the remainder of the year.

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  • Through acquisitions and technology, Home Health Outsourcing Company InHome Therapy improves its value proposition
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