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Deputy Patricia Terrazas took part in the “Impact of Outsourcing on the Economy” forum, in which she stated that the federal government uses the contractual scheme called outsourcing the most.

Lawmakers said there is a lot of talk about employee salaries and benefits issues and we need to look inside the government as they are the prime contractor for outsourcing or fees. Finally, one could say that the systems are similar in that you do not hire staff directly for fees.

Stressing that there is insufficient budget to regulate all of these employees, Terrazas said the matters still need to be analyzed in order to decide on the initiative to regulate subcontracting. However, if there is an instruction from the President of the Republic, the discussions could take place in a more agile manner.

Finally, Patricia Terrazas told the business people that she hoped that there would be good progress and that all the opinions of MPs would be taken into account, as most of the members of the Union Congress follow the instructions of the National Palace and not what they represent.

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