There is a Better Way to Outsource Data Entry, According to BruntWork’s CEO Winston Ong


Data entry is a painful task but often sits in the heartland of back office activities for multinational companies. That is why BruntWork’s CEO Winston Ong says it’s a logical candidate for outsourcing, as the practice of manually entering data is time-consuming and expensive to execute locally. 

It plays a crucial role in business growth, which is why entrepreneurs highly value the task, especially done accurately by workers that won’t quit for a slightly better offer.

For all businesses, experts believe utilizing efficient and secure data processing to ensure correct information and reduce errors is crucial.

This growing need has made outsourcing data entry a rapidly growing segment of the outsourcing industry, considerably reducing costs for many businesses that choose to go down this path.

Why Outsource Data Entry Jobs Offshore?

There are many ways to outsource business functions, and it’s a wise investment to get professional data entry services for less without compromising quality from a provider that understands business goals and produces quality output.

I’ve been in the outsourcing business for quite some time, and I’ve noticed that outsourcing data entry services help a company in many ways,” shares Ong.

Perhaps the primary reason businesses want to outsource is to lower operating costs.

Since there are different wage and cost patterns between developing and developed countries, businesses have discovered that outsourcing data entry is far more affordable than hiring professionals locally.

By getting a third-party outsourcing company to handle data entry, business owners can focus their energy on improving core competencies. “If employees are always distracted by incoming tasks, earnings will eventually plummet,” says Ong.

Better Way to Outsource Data Entry

Because of the rise in outsourcing, many firms specializing in hiring offshore personnel have flourished, making it difficult for businesses to choose a partner data entry outsourcing company. Many seem indistinguishable but look hard enough, and you’ll find differences that merit doing extensive research to find the right outsourcer. 

BruntWork CEO Winston Ong says finding a reliable service provider can be challenging, but carefully choosing an outsourcing partner can add considerable value to a business’s ongoing projects while enhancing business efficiency and reducing costs.

Businesses that partner with outsourcing companies that are willing to share the vision as well as risks can result in a fruitful partnership that can eclipse particular projects and propel both parties toward success.

At BruntWork, we’ve recruited and trained thousands of agents to work on behalf of our clients. We have a distributed workforce, which means we can source the best talent, no matter the location,” shares Ong.

He believes that because the company’s recruitment process is not limited to one single geographic location, they can find the most skilled workers.

Our generous pay and opportunity policy has attracted the highest caliber of workers, and our management team has extensive experience, particularly in the Philippines, ensuring our clients get the best talent available,” reveals Ong.

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