The Wyoming County Business Center offers 2 programs for Entrepreneurs in Top History


Starting or expanding a business can be one of the biggest decisions a hopeful entrepreneur can make.

The Wyoming County Business Center offers two programs, FastTrac and the Wyoming County Business Accelerator Academy, to help entrepreneurs get started and grow their business in Wyoming County.

The FastTrac program provides access to resources and knowledge.

In Wyoming County, the FastTrac program, offered through the Wyoming County Business Center, helps entrepreneurs turn innovative business ideas into viable career options and bring ventures to reality or to new levels of growth. FastTrac helps entrepreneurs overcome obstacles and challenges that are common when starting a business.

The FastTrac program consists of 10 classes. The first are used to determine the profitability and market potential of the business concept. The remaining classes help create the framework for a solid business plan.

The classes, intentionally kept small to include each participant personally, are led by two knowledgeable local and seasoned entrepreneurs.

FastTrac students will work on their own business activities throughout the course. Fast and stimulating, the program uses guest speakers and interactive activities, according to the organizers.

Participants build a unique network to create their business plan.

“FastTrac allows entrepreneurs to express their ideas openly and create their business plans in a confidential environment,” said program manager Jennifer Tyczka. “The motivation of the classroom accelerates business development and growth.”

The FastTrac program is provided through the centre’s partnership with the Kauffman Foundation.

The program “has proven extremely useful for entrepreneurs looking to either start or expand their business in Wyoming County,” said Jim Pierce, president of Wyoming County Business Center Inc. “The Board of Directors of Wyoming County Business Center Inc. and Wyoming County’s Board of Supervisors support the FastTrac program and recognize that entrepreneurship and start-ups are a primary source of job growth. FastTrac is a great tool for executing this strategy and has the resources of the Kauffman Foundation to support it. This program has worked proven and we look forward to further success. “

The FastTrac program is sponsored by Tompkins Bank of Castile, Complete Payroll, Community Bank NA, Robert D. Strassel Esq., Five Star Bank, the Wyoming County Board of Directors, and the human resource development resources available to participants under from Community Action for Wyoming County.

For businesses looking to grow sales, improve profitability, and move to the next level, the Business Center offers the new Wyoming County Business Accelerator Academy, a four-week interactive program designed to better equip business owners with the tools and knowledge to that are necessary for the further development of their business, greater financial success and long-term sustainability.

Participants can expect to develop new business strategies and tactics to drive growth and profitability, identify their company’s clear competitive advantage, and enter new markets. Step up marketing online by hearing from a digital marketing expert. and learn how strategic thinking can dramatically improve business performance.

The Wyoming County Business Accelerator Academy is sponsored and endorsed by the Board of Directors of Wyoming County Business Center Inc. and the Wyoming County’s Board of Supervisors. Program funding is provided by the Wyoming Foundation, a division of the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo and Key Bank.

To learn more about the programs and the current schedule, visit or contact Jennifer Tyczka at the Wyoming County Business Center at (585) 786-3764 or email