The rise of the Side Hustle


The side business was born out of necessity. Many workers cannot support a family with a single full-time job. Securing more than one job is also more difficult than ever because of increasing tensions in the labor market.

You’re here to learn how to create your own opportunities – start a business, sell some of the things you’ve bought in the last decade, or solve an everyday problem.

There are five steps to being successful with your side business. Neither is easy, but together they are effective.

Learn a Skill You Can Money Market

If you want to make money, you need something that is desirable – something that people want enough to pay for. Successful freelancers and entrepreneurs spend much of their time with one ear to the ground. They’re looking for new trends instead of waiting for the train to get into the station.

The trick is: people have to want or need your solution – before they find you. We usually act on impulses that have been brewing for days, weeks, or even years when we find a solution to this one irritating aspect of life.

When you find a need, develop a skill that can fill the void. Many companies in the modern age struggle to break through the noise and connect with their customers. The resulting demand would be effective marketing, for example. When companies get noticed, they sell more products. When they are selling more products because of you, showing your worth is easy.

Refine your skills through consistent commitment – for money

Once you’ve figured out what you want to do and acquired the basics for it, it’s time to hone your skills. Products can also generate side income, but competency-based offerings require little or no overhead and basically no inventory. Anyone looking to start a sideline can only do so with a laptop or smartphone, and even something as simple as designing logos is always in demand.

However, many freelancers fall into dangerous traps – relics from previous generations of business holding them back.

“I don’t have enough years of experience!”

Many aspiring entrepreneurs are afraid because they expect higher barriers to entry than they actually have. Sure, another consultant has been doing this for a decade, but are you up to date on the latest technology trends? Do your homework and see what the big kids are doing on the block. You will likely find a way into the market that you want.

Pay attention to your customers and prospects

If your new sales tactic doesn’t work, either adjust it or drop it. Customers may not tell you that you hurt their feelings, lost their trust, or took away their favorite thing in your business.

You still feel these things. Customers often talk to their wallet. If your regulars are missing, you may need to rethink your strategy. Talking to existing customers is a great way to get this information without having to look for it.

Help people – but don’t throw yourself away to do it

As an entrepreneur, you are able to make real change in the world around you. As a result, helping others find their way around in the dark is socially responsible. Some individuals and companies are giving too much to try in the short term. It’s entirely possible that they could have generated more net change over time, but by throwing their assets to the wind, they lost those opportunities.

You need to find a meaningful balance between what you and your company can give without placing undue burden or burden on your company.

Learn every day – qualifications are at the heart of the sideline

Some of the biggest and most consistent pieces of advice that globally successful entrepreneurs offer include:

“Learn something every day”

By reading a book about the skills you want to master, watching a how-to video during your lunch break, or otherwise learning about your passions and sideline activities, you’re training your brain to grasp them even better than before. As you create that extra focus, you will see new and exciting ways to create, grow, scale, or otherwise take advantage of your sideline activities.

Once you find the time and focus to move forward, you will find that things get a little faster with every hour you invest. That is the reward for the sideline activity of many entrepreneurs. Some websites offer a safe place to sell your services while others even offer escrow and on-site feedback, all of which help demonstrate your sideline and track record.

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