The former GE boss understands the feelings of outsourcing


Jeff Immelt, CEO of GE for 16 years, mentioned Erie in an interview with the New York Times on February 5, in which he discussed his new book “Hot Seat”.

He mentions Erie in response to the following question: “There’s a moment in the book where you say that you feel like people aren’t betting on GE and that you don’t understand why people don’t want that big business wins. ” Don’t you understand where some of this hostility is coming from? “

Immelt said, “CEOs like me grew up in the era of wage arbitrage, when we felt we could get jobs anywhere we wanted and people still love us. Those days are long gone.

He continued, “In a city like Erie, Pennsylvania, people no longer work at GE, make $ 36 an hour, but work in Factory X, make $ 30 an hour. They make $ 36 an hour and make $ 15 an hour Hour.” And this gap is extremely negative. I understand that. “

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