The Festival of Marketing is starting an effectiveness event


Mark Ritson, Helen Edwards, and CMOs from Nationwide and KFC confirmed a new March event called The Bottom Line, which will provide insight into what marketers should be spending their time and money on.

The Festival of Marketing returns in March with a new digital event designed to help marketers make their investments more effective.

The Conclusion runs March 23-25 ​​and includes content to help marketers better determine what to spend their time and money on. The given budgets are all the more important as brands evaluate the effects of the past 12 months.

Over three days, sessions in a variety of formats will cover the biggest challenges marketers face in planning, making decisions and measuring success. Flexible strategy, modeling, balance between brand and performance as well as meaningful benchmarks for effectiveness will be among the topics covered.

Sessions will be a mix of hands-on case studies demonstrating a brand’s success, “myth busting” where marketing thought leaders challenge the wisdom they have received, and short, hands-on “how to” sessions that provide insight into everyday challenges.

Confirmed speakers include Mark Ritson on brand health determination, National CMO Sara Bennison on planning, Helen Edwards on the limitations and alternatives of NPS, and CMO Meg Farren of KFC UK and Ireland on brand transformation. Further speakers will be announced in the coming weeks.

Russell Parsons, Editor-in-Chief of Marketing Week and the Festival of Marketing, said, “It’s an uncertain time. Marketers need insight into decision making and measurement best practices, as well as clarity about what works and what doesn’t. You won’t get any more money so investing smarter is important. The end result will provide the much-needed clarity about what you can do to keep making your money and getting more meaningful returns. “

The Bottom Line is one of three events as part of the Festival of Marketing in 2021. In June, ‘Fast Forward’ will focus on providing insights for marketers to address long-term challenges that affect your brand, the way you work, and yours Career Impact, while in October will provide content on tackling the strategic and tactical challenges of the coming year.

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