The digital marketing agency suggests companies rethink in 2021


From Connor Dziawura

T.The business world is changing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Cave Creek website design and digital marketing agency BPetersonDesign is recommending business owners to adapt to the times with a new strategy for 2021.

Married couple Ben and Janae Peterson, the company’s president and vice president, respectively, have seen the shift to online marketing, purchasing, and virtual meetings continue over the course of 2020, with site usage increasing.

But while the rollout of several COVID-19 vaccines has begun for some populations, Ben is quick to suggest that things will not go back to normal.

“Honestly, if COVID tips over or whatever happens to all of the mess, the industry is not going to return. It’s changed forever, ”explains Ben. “There will be a lot more online presence, there will be a lot more work from home and from remote work – I mean, it’s going nowhere, even with the ‘fear’, if you will, going away.”

People who previously didn’t shop online are now relying more on the internet and are now realizing the benefits that come with it, he says.

“Now there won’t be a negative side to jumping into the e-commerce world,” adds Ben, noting that the gap between e-commerce and brick and mortar grocery stores is closing. “Whether it’s a pandemic or not, you will always benefit from it and gain more and more traction as a result.”

This is where BPetersonDesign comes in. The company was founded in Montrose, Colorado in 2008 by the Petersons who had a background in online costume retailing. The services offered include website design, social ad management, pay-per-click management, digital marketing and graphic design.

While BPetersonDesign is consulting with companies nationwide, Ben and Janae expanded to Cave Creek in November 2019 after the successful handling of the marketing and website of an Anthem company run by Janae’s sister company caught the interest of other local businesses.

Because it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, the company tailors customer plans based on short and long-term goals and budget. But customers need to be invested in the process.

“(In this industry) we can have all the hopes and dreams in the world for your company, but if you don’t want it yourself, whether you want it at all or if you want it strong enough to do the job, that won’t happen” stresses Ben. “So it has to come from them and their excitement, and we’re helping them build what they want instead of building what we think they should want.”

BPetersonDesign relies on transparency – and aims to build lifelong relationships. According to Ben, the idea is to keep customers updated on the results and to monitor if any strategy changes are required. A lack of awareness is a common disadvantage, he notes, citing small businesses that set up a website without ever modifying or monitoring it.

“They just assume they are helping them because they have a website. You don’t go about analytics. Do not know what it means. They don’t even know how to translate it, ”he explains. “This is where we come in, that’s our strength, that’s our expertise, and that should be our job. We’ll essentially become a team member for you, help you in the digital world, explain what it really means, what it does, how we can change, how we can react, and how it translates into dollars in your pocket. “

Janae notes that Cave Creek plays a huge role in helping local businesses and says BPetersonDesign is looking to consult with those who still need help.

“We want to make sure they are included in a package that they are 100% comfortable with as not everyone works the same. Not everyone is comfortable doing something. So we want to make sure that whatever they get from us they like, they are happy with it, but we are not going to throw them into something that is really scary and intimidating, ”says Janae, noting that BPetersonDesign is specifically aimed at little ones Company and is therefore not the most expensive company of its kind.

“We don’t put someone in a marketing package for a year, even though it would be important for them to be consistent,” adds Ben, saying the packages are monthly. “Every business is shrinking and shrinking. There are always budget changes and marketing has to change every month. “

That way, companies won’t get stuck when their business suffers – especially at a time like a pandemic, Janae says. “We really want to help these small businesses,” she says.

“We are successful when they are successful,” says Ben, adding that the company does not want to overwhelm its customers’ budgets and does not benefit from one-off sales. “When we actually make money, we build the relationship and grow with that customer and then become a bigger customer when the business is more successful. That’s all we’re interested in. ”


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