TAPinto Tips: What Is Content Marketing And How Can It Benefit Your Business?


NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ – Having an online presence is a critical aspect of growing your business. However, a website alone is often not enough to drive engagement and convert leads into customers. To effectively market your business, a company needs to invest in content marketing.

Content marketing creates and distributes meaningful content, including text, photos, and videos, that build trust and credibility with readers and generate interest in your product or service.

For example, content marketing could be a column on the best way to roll pizza dough written by a pizza restaurant.

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The proof lies in the results: content marketing costs 62 percent less than conventional marketing and, according to Demand Metric, generates three times as many leads.

For small businesses, the next hurdle may be how and where to post and share content to get attention to their brand. TAPinto can help!

“TAPinto not only offers its marketing partners powerful advertising benefits,” said William Murray, executive vice president and national director of MWW PR. “These points of sale offer content marketing, native advertising, sponsorship, social media marketing, and email marketing opportunities – very geographically targeted – and reach audiences in ways that most traditional media cannot. With TAPinto, small and large businesses can efficiently reach local audiences and target their messages effectively. “

TAPinto has more than 15 million readers with over 90 locations in New Jersey, New York, Florida and Texas. TAPinto’s organic reach can help readers in your community learn more about your business.

In addition, TAPinto’s high ranking on Google offers TAPinto’s marketing partners the opportunity to use search engine optimization to reach target groups that are beyond TAPinto’s reach. When people search for “local news” on Google, TAPinto is one of the first sites they see – which means even more potential customers!

Your return on investment can be significant.

“Content marketing is an inexpensive and effective way to grow your business,” said Michael Shapiro, founder and CEO of TAPinto. “TAPinto can help business owners reach their full potential and go beyond what they believed possible.” Content marketing allows you to speak directly to our readers, build trust and credibility with our large audience, and take your business to the next level. “

Contact TAPinto today to find out more about what we can do for you!

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