Sydney suburbs teeming with rats, maggots in after garbage outsourcing

Sydney suburbs teeming with rats, maggots in after garbage outsourcing


Jan. 1, 2024, 11:40 a.m. ET

As Sydney’s waste collection issues continue across the city, one local councillor is calling on the public to push back against the outsourcing of rubbish collection.

The City of Sydney Council has for years used an independent contractor to manage its waste collection, but strikes and labour shortages over 2023, following years of Covid-19-related disruptions, have pushed residents to breaking point.

With some collections missed by more than four weeks, Labor Councillor Linda Scott fears the public’s health and wellbeing will continue to be negatively affected by the ongoing lack of rubbish removal.

Scott, who is currently serving as a Labor Councillor on the City of Sydney Council, and is its former Deputy Lord Mayor, wants Sydneysiders to send a “message” to the Lord Mayor to fix the city’s rubbish crisis before it’s too late.

“After years of inaction over the waste crisis, City of Sydney residents are calling for change in 2024,” she said.

The trash cans across Sydney are overflowing after pickups have been long delayed and cancelled. Obtained by

In a series of recent Facebook posts, the Labor Councillor is sharing nauseating images of red and yellow bins overflowing with large bags of rubbish, shoes, clothing and in some cases, maggots spilling out of their lids, which don’t close.

“Sydney’s streets are filthy, and our residents are rightly calling for help in what is now a rat and maggot infested public health disaster,” she said.

The original post, shared on a local Erskineville group by a frustrated resident in Gowrie Lane, has attracted more than 80 scathing comments so far.

Fired up community members have started sharing other locations across the city that have also missed waste collections.

One person in favor of Scott’s petition, wrote in a comment on the Councillor’s Facebook page: “Time to bin Clover”.

Sydney previously outsourced its trash pickup services. Obtained by

Another wrote: “The same issue week before in Pyrmont where recycle bins weren’t picked up for a fortnight”.

“The lanes are infested with vermin and flies,” wrote another.

It’s not just trash spilling onto the street, littering the sidewalk that is an issue. An increase in illegal dumping has also been reported across the city by concerned locals.

“It’s time for change,” Scott told NCA NewsWire.

“No Moore maggots.”

Residents report seeing rats and maggots in their trash bins. Obtained by

When the City moved to outsource the remaining parts of its waste collection service, Scott said she was the only councillor to oppose this change.

“As the only councillor who voted against privatization of the council’s waste collection, I’m devastated to see my warnings coming true,” she said.

With many locals taking to the social media platform to vent their frustrations and disgust at what their “city has turned into”, Scott says Clover Moore simply cannot continue to keep pace with the city’s needs.

“Clover Moore has undoubtedly changed the face of Sydney and done some good, but after 44 years in office – having been elected when Malcolm Fraser was still the Prime Minister – she simply can’t keep pace with what’s needed of Sydney’s Lord Mayor in 2024,” she said.

NCA NewsWire has contacted Sydney City Council for comment.

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