Steps to optimize your Google My Business listing


Google My Business is a free and easy tool that businesses can use to manage their online presence on Google. It is useful to help customers find your business and tell them your story. You can review your company and edit your business information in Google My Business. You can use Google My Business to add information like business address, business hours, category, and ratings.


This article explains how you can optimize your Google My Business listing for better results. The best part? Using Google My Business is free!

Benefits of Google My Business

Google My Business can help you:

– Interact with potential customers
– Manage and control your online reputation
– Curate customer photos, videos and other user-generated content
– Gather insights into how your customers land on your website
– Control, index and view important business information

Steps to Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

1.) Complete each section of your Google My Business account.Companies that offer the most detailed and accurate information are easier to spot when searching.

Therefore, you should never leave assumptions.
Make sure you have your Google My Business account telling you what your business is doing, where it is, and how to contact you to purchase your offers.

With a full Google My Business profile, Google can rank you higher in local search results and increase the number of actions customers take when they find your profile.

Complete these sections of your profile right away:

– Surname
– Address
– phone
– website
– Hours

2.) Be careful with contact information and hours of operation.
Make sure your company name matches the name you use on your shop sign and that this address is consistent and exactly the same as your other entries on the internet. This is important for assessing your credibility with the Google algorithm.

Don’t forget to include both your regular and vacation times. This encourages customers to visit you and also avoids the potential for a negative review. Make sure your operating hours are always updated, especially in times of COVID-19.

3.) Write a full description “out of business”.

To optimize the “Out of Business” section of your Google Business profile:

– Use all 750 characters with important information in the first 250 characters.
– Reuse the content of your About Us page.
– Use keywords that your target audience will use to find businesses like yours.
– Do not repeat information that is already visible in the other sections of your profile.
– Avoid using links or HTML.

4.) add photos

According to Google, companies with photos in their listings receive 42% more requests for directions on Google Maps and 35% more clicks on their websites than companies without images.

Uploading photos to your company profile is essential for three reasons:

– Ensure quality.
– Be active.
– Increase engagement.

However, that doesn’t mean you should go overboard with pictures. You should add at least one new photo every week. Upload your company logo instead of a miniature photo.

Do not add photos or photos with special effects. Focus on high quality images that show what your business is about.

5.) Get Google Reviews
Responding to your customers’ reviews shows that your company values ​​customers and their feedback. Encourage your customers to leave you an honest review on Google. Positive reviews have a positive effect on potential customers and increase your brand value. Not to mention, doing so will also increase your company’s visibility in search results.

Consider the following scenario: You get a list of companies in search results like the following. Which one would you choose? The one with four attractive yellow stars or one below with no ratings?


Reviews are a crucial factor in the Google algorithm. Google believes that consumers are required to read reviews before making a purchase. Therefore, you should aim for multiple reviews and solid star ratings for your business listing.

Create a direct link for customers to write reviews for your business.

6.) Ask questions and give answers.
Questions and Answers enables people to ask and answer questions about your business.
The Google My Business question and answer function is the perfect opportunity to hear and respond to “the people” directly. However, it is important to optimize this section in particular.

Answers to these questions can be the deciding factor for a customer to choose your business. However, this section is vital for optimization, as anyone can ask and answer a question on a company’s Google profile. This can lead to incorrect information in your profile. So keep checking this section.

TIP: Make a list of frequently asked questions to avoid the GMB questions and answers from people. For more information, see Google’s Q&A guidelines.

Sum up

With Google My Business, your goal should be to provide as much quality information as possible about your business so that Google can drive as much traffic to your listing as possible. If you need more help optimizing your Google My Business listing, contact a local SEO company. You can bring together the innovation-led approach and search engine friendly practices to help your local business reach and be found by your target users.

Sheryl is Sr. Marketing Specialist at Uplers and has extensive experience designing well-defined user journeys in the field of digital marketing. She uses her expertise in digital marketing to help companies achieve significant ROIs.