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Best eco-friendly Prime Day deals still available as of June 22:

Amid the inevitable mountain of bubble wrap mailers and air pillows attached to a dedicated Prime member’s purchases, Prime Day is a great chance to take your home in a more low-waste direction.

Growing your own salad ingredients, composting your scraps, or even ditching single-use sandwich bags can make a notable difference in the amount of plastic waste that’ll chill in the ocean or a landfill for hundreds of years. Plus, you’ll have to take the trash out less often.

Here are the eco-friendly Prime Day deals you can still shop at Amazon:

There’s money and plastic to be saved when you stop using Ziploc bags for one-time storage. Instead, reusable silicone bags from Stasher can be used in the oven, microwave, or with a sous vide device, and thrown in the dishwasher afterward. The pinch lock top and fun colors make them great for kids’ snacks. Save 30% on a pack or just one or two.

Greens from the grocery story can cross into overkill territory quickly, both with the amount of plastic packaging and amount of pesticides. Even notorious plant ruiners can grow their own microgreens with an indoor garden kit from Hamama. Just add water to the seed quilt and watch your veggies sprout in a week or so.

Eco-friendly deals to toss in the cart before the big Prime Day checkout

The Charmin bears are way too obsessed with wiping for the level of clogging that those thick squares probably do. Bamboo toilet paper dissolves faster than typical toilet paper and requires less water throughout the growing and production processes. Unlike a few competitors, Reel’s paper is soft and doesn’t rip on the second swipe.

Eco-friendly deals to toss in the cart before the big Prime Day checkout

Vitamix’s electric countertop composter takes care of the scraps before they take up room in your freezer or stink up your trash. Four to eight hours later, you’re left with a pile of rich fertilizer for your garden — totally skipping the trip to that farmer’s market drop-off that’s never open.

Eco-friendly deals to toss in the cart before the big Prime Day checkout

Other great eco-friendly deals at Amazon:

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