Solriar OU and Endit Gjergjani Laro Launch Marketing Branch Under “Flavor SH.P.K”


TIRANA, Albania, April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — While the companies are focused on two very different things, Endit Gjergjani Laro has worked around the clock to make sure that they are some of the most consistent and famous companies in the Middle East. Endit previously was the CEO of “SOCIAL4ADS” where he amassed over 200 million followers running famous social media pages, but since has taken his time to develop a full scale social media agency.

Solriar OU was initially started as a website branch under the company “Istanbul Exchange Connection”, but has previously been rebranded to Solriar OU. It is a large-scale SaaS cryptocurrency company that works in the exchange, investment, and mining sectors of cryptocurrencies. Endit Gjergjani took advantage of the evolving cryptocurrency market and pushed himself into one of the leading crypto companies in the Middle East. Endit’s company currently has a firm with 2500 computers in Istanbul, where his company mines cryptocurrency 24/7 with intent to scale his operation.

Flavor SH.P.K has come to fruition to allow Gjergjani the ability to use his internet expertise to help other companies brand themselves. Endit Gjergjani is currently the Founder and CEO of the company and has quickly taken the attention from his colleagues in the Middle East. Flavor SH.P.K works mainly with construction companies, supermarkets, and car rental companies, helping them scale their online sales using digital marketing and social media. You can find more information about the company at Endit and his company strive to make sure that marketing for profit and solution solving are at the forefront of their mission, and prioritizes trust, satisfaction, and health.

Media Contact:
Endit Gjergjani Laro
Head of Operations at Flavor SH.P.K and Solriar OU
(657) 258-2740

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