‘SNL’ Weekend Update takes on climate change with a Mother Earth interview


Mother Earth has a message for us all: She’s just “a normal mom who’s hot and pissed.”

She shared that message during a visit to Saturday Night Live Weekend Update. The topic of the day, of course, is climate change. Mother Earth (Aidy Bryant) isn’t feeling so well these days. She’s been chill about all the shenanigans us adorable humans get up to, but she thinks we’re maybe going a tad too far.

Like the coal thing. Coal, she reminds us, is what comes out of her ass. So our commitment to burning her “ass rocks” while the sun “is like right there literally begging for a job” is… not great! She’s also so tired of seeing “divorced nerds trying to colonize Mars” — a not-so-subtle jab at Elon Musk — while she’s sick at home. It’s all delivered with the biting charm that is a Bryant trademark, and which makes her Weekend Update appearances so hilariously memorable.

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