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[imagesource: Nic Haralambous]

We all think we had this million dollar idea, but very few people turn that idea into a business or product.

I have an idea for a toilet that weighs you before and after you … you know what, it doesn’t matter.

It sounded better after a few drinks around a braai.

A man who has business building experience and has learned some valuable and hard lessons over the past 20 years is South African Nic Haralambous.

He’s at the very top, and he’s clearly pretty excited about the release of his new book, How to Start a Side Hustle: A Playbook for a New Economy.

You can find more information about the book and details on how to buy it here.

This is only part of the story, however, as Haralambous also launched the Slow Fund.

In this blog post he explained his reasons for this:

How to Start a Side Hustle deals with what I call the Side Hustle MILE:

Mindset, ideas, lifestyle, effort

But the book isn’t about raising a little bit of startup capital to get your sideline business started and get you over your fear of failure. That is what the Slow Fund will do.

Here’s the deal – starting February 15, 2021, the Slow Fund will give one person R1 000 every day for a year and a 30 minute coaching call with me to let them know about their idea and how funds will be used.

As long as the Slow Fund contains more money, we will continue to drive and finance the ancillary businesses.

That means up to 365 small businesses could get their hands on cashless and invaluable advice over the next year.

Haralambous says they had more than 9,200 applications in just over three weeks, with the cash gifts and winning side deals starting Monday.

Yoco has also come on board bringing a Yoco Go machine to each side business, and Bridgement has partnered to offer a quarterly business loan of R 20,000 to a selected side business.

The winners will also receive a 20% discount on the Haralambous Side Hustle Course and will be added to the Hustle List to promote their Side Hustles.

If you would like to donate to the Slow Fund, you can do so here.

If you want to get your sideline into the competition, here are the details you need.

If you are looking for the wisdom the book can offer you can order here.

Hustle and bustle away.


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