Seven Networking Tips For Building Brand Awareness


Part of becoming a successful business owner is getting a handle on networking. This means that in order to cultivate brand awareness, you need to become comfortable reaching out to others. Sharing your brand story well, after all, will help you win over potential partners, investors and customers.

To help people get started, a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members, below, discuss some of their best networking tips and approaches for newer entrepreneurs, so that they can more easily make connections or spread the word about their brand.

Photos courtesy of the individual members

1. Lead With Value

Always lead with value. If you have nothing of value to offer, it is best to be quiet until you do. Meaning, when you share ideas, lead with how you help people solve their problems. There are very few people in this world who can actually help solve problems, fewer still are those that take immediate action and deliver high-quality results. If you can solve real-world problems with grace, humility and speed, people will throw money and business opportunities at you without asking. No RFP process, no proposal’s, just a good old-fashioned handshake and an approving nod. That’s how business should be! – Rodrigo Mora, Silverline Insurance Agency

2. Trust Yourself

Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Practice and nail down your elevator pitch. Ignore the naysayers and trust your intuition. If you can see the vision, find those who will listen. Tell your idea often to help it get validated and find people to help support your dream, for that is how you will truly have a chance at success. – Laura Fortey, REITIUM Technologies

3. Plan Your Time Ahead At Conferences

Don’t go to conferences as an attendee—either go as a speaker or go with a set of meetings established in advance. If possible, get the list of attendees so you can reach out in advance. Offer to meet to exchange ideas and see how to support one another. – Madeleine Niebauer, vChief

4. Host Your Own Events

Host events and invite your top role models. It is the ultimate method for building connections, gaining a reputation as a connector and a resource, and for putting a face to a “brand.” It also creates a great accountability structure—you’re forced to live up to the image you have of yourself. Businesses can be perceived as a non-human entity; our job as founders is to build relevance, trust, and connection with people. The business will flow in once those are established. – Jonathan Maxim, K&J Growth Hackers

5. Share Your Unique Story

Be honest, straightforward and passionate. At the end of the day, so much of your job on that front is storytelling. Instead of focusing on sales, just tell your great story. By doing so, you’re giving the best sales pitch. – David Roger, Felix Gray

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6. Provide Value First

“Provide value” is now an overused term, but finding a way to truly provide actual real value or be of value is crucial. Find a way to explain your value to partners, investors and customers. Prior to those discussions, find how those parties can help you, and ask for their help. I’ve gone to prospects and asked their advice or opinion on my new offering or product without the intention of selling it. Then, I refine based on their input. When I feel like my product or service is ready, I may approach again for more feedback, but this time with an intention to see if they themselves would have an interest. – Chris Harris, BridgeTech

7. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck in your routine, so it’s important to step outside of your comfort zone. You never know where you’ll meet a potential new customer or partner, so always bring the best version of yourself. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. – Kyle Michaud, Experience Expositions