SCDF outsourcing some fire safety checks from Monday, Singapore News & Top Stories


Fire safety checks relating to some non-complex infringements will be outsourced to an external organisation from this month, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) said yesterday.

Examples of such infringements include unauthorised change to the use of premises – such as basement carparks being used for storage – and the obstruction of escape paths and fire engine accessways.

The SCDF said that by outsourcing the task, it can better focus on its other operational demands, including fighting fires and attending to accidents.

A consortium comprising the Singapore First Aid Training Centre and ERCM Consultancy – a specialised international service provider in crisis and emergency preparedness – will provide the staff needed as supplementary enforcement officers.

The SCDF said the appointed officers will conduct only fire safety enforcement checks and site inspections involving straightforward fire safety infringements that can be verified visually.

The SCDF has conducted about 13,600 enforcement checks each year since 2016, and issued about 2,600 notices each year for infringements, with the majority being non-complex infringements.

About 27 per cent of these notices were for non-functioning exit signs and emergency lights.

“In view of the increasing operational demands, coupled with manpower constraints, SCDF has decided to outsource straightforward enforcement checks to a third-party provider,” the SCDF said in a media release. “This will allow SCDF officers to focus on more complex enforcement checks that require a higher level of fire safety knowledge and expertise.”

The supplementary enforcement officers will begin supporting the SCDF next Monday.

Members of the public are still encouraged to report any fire safety infringements they come across to the SCDF. They can submit photos and a brief description using the myResponder mobile app, call 1800-280-0000, or send an e-mail to

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