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As if you needed some other reason never to use a public toilet again, the Toto Washlet is up for sale.

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Save up to 45%: Bidets are part of Home Depot’s big sale of bathroom and kitchen fittings. Save up to $ 120 on bioBidet and Toto models, including $ 500 on the futuristic replacement for bioBidet smart toilets.

The pandemic taught us that we can live without many things – like toilet paper and the bar cocktails that cost as much as a whole bottle of liquor in the store.

Ok, most of us haven’t lived entirely without toilet paper. But we certainly learned to use it more sparingly during the TP shortage last March. During this hygiene emergency, people realized that bidets aren’t just for fancy hotels. Household bidet sales increased 300% this month.

Home Depot’s current sale can help you prepare for the next apocalypse: bidets from bioBidet, Toto and Brondell (many of which are on our list of the best bidets) are getting up to 45% off on February 16. The seat swap model was vetted for less than $ 200, which pays for itself over the next year with fewer toilet paper purchases.

OUR PICK: Toto Washlet K300 – $ 519 (save $ 117.44)

The bidets of the Toto Washlet series are like the really beautiful cars in the bidet world. Features such as a heated seat, water temperature and oscillating or pulsating preferences as well as an automatic air deodorant make the experience pleasant for newbies and everything is housed in a remote control that is uncomplicated enough for children and people with limited mobility.

  • Night light

  • Child wash function

  • Warmed seat

BioBidt’s classic electric seat replacement is a Home Depot bestseller, offering luxurious features for less than the average annual household toilet paper spend. Must-have bullet points like adjustable temperature and pressure as well as a night light are provided – something the Toto Washlet doesn’t even have.

It has been almost a year since the TP deficiency.  Bidets are still a worthwhile investment.

It has been almost a year since the TP deficiency.  Bidets are still a worthwhile investment.

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