Save over 20% with a 12-foot charging cable (!)


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Use the attached strap to keep your string clean and untangled.

Image: Naztech

TL; DR: Charge your phone from anywhere in the room with the 12-foot Naztech Lightning charging cable. Get it starting February 11th for $ 22.99, a savings of 23%.

If your electrical outlets are across the room from your bed, couch, or work area, charging your phone is likely a major ordeal. The original 3 foot cord that came with your device isn’t of much help – especially if you actually want to use your phone when you turn it on. This extra-long 12-foot Lightning cable from Naztech, on the other hand, gives you the charging freedom you’ve been looking for.

This generous 12-foot cable offers enough length to reach the hard-to-reach sockets or, for example, a passenger in the back seat of your car. You don’t have to use all 12 feet, however. Once you get the exact length you need, you can roll up the extra length and secure it so it doesn’t get in the way.

Update your daily cable – you definitely won’t regret it the next time you charge your devices. Save over 20% for a limited time and get one for just $ 22.99.

Save over 20% with a 12-foot charging cable (!)

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