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Save $113.05: Renewed models of Dyson’s Pure Hot + Cool Air Purifier (HP01) are going for $335.95 at Amazon as of June 14. That’s $113.05 off the regular renewed price and $185.99 off the MSRP.

Year-round allergies are fun because each month brings a new trigger for clogged sinuses and red eyes. The excitement! The anticipation!

To try to keep your air free of irritants for the whole year, the must-have air purifier plus a separate space heater or fan (depending on the current weather) sounds like a cumbersome setup — both while in use and in storage. Here, an all-in-one machine like Dyson’s Pure Hot+Cool would be clutch. Renewed models, which have been professionally inspected, cleaned, and tested, to be in like-new condition, are going for less than $340 at Amazon. That price is $113.05 less than the regular renewed price and $164.04 less than the $519.99 for brand new models listed on Dyson’s website. A 90-day warranty period comes with each renewed model.

The HP01 is one of the original versions of this triple whammy device. It has slowly sold out on Dyson’s website as Dyson adds upgraded models to its purification collection. The new air-cleansing, formaldehyde-destroying technology is pretty revolutionary, but also adds a few hundred bucks to the price tag.

The original Hot+Cool is still a hell of a machine to trust in your home. Officially, Dyosn claims it removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. Understanding the nasties that it’s tackling becomes a little more tangible when you check the filter — which will likely be loaded with dirty clouds of ultrafine dust, pollen, pet dander, and other bacteria that regular eyesight doesn’t really notice.

As it’s purifying, the HP01 can also double as a bladeless heater or tower fan. Air multiplier technology provides an uninterrupted stream of airflow by pulling dirty, room-temperature air through the hollow design.

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