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Despite the occasional unpredictability of Apple, it can be assumed that the Apple Pencil will never be tossed into your iPad for free.

Save $ 26: The Apple Pencil (2nd generation) for the iPad Pro and the latest iPad Air will be available on February 17 for $ 103 at Verizon. Shipping is free within two days.

It’s not confirmed, but some new iPads might be on our way soon.

Spring Apple events are common. 2020 was missed due to the COVD-19 outbreak, but people are more confident about an Apple event this March. The speculation about new things includes the iPad Pro and the iPad Mini.

This is good news for anyone buying an iPad – both because there is a new option on the market and it would likely mean price reductions on older models. In any case, you will need an Apple Pencil for this. You can buy the 2nd Generation Apple Pencil for $ 103.99 on Verizon, a hefty 25% discount and just $ 4 off the lowest price ever on Amazon.

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The pen in general has not been a particularly exciting or novel accessory since 2000. But the Apple Pencil isn’t your mother’s pen. Writing with one is unlike anything you’ve experienced before – unless you’re counting a physical pen or marker. It is that precise. Various brush strokes, shading methods, and gradients can be triggered by tilt and pressure detection, providing hyper-accurate latency that looks like you’re actually creating it on paper.

For designers, photographers or videographers who doodled, illustrated and retouched for hours, this was a milestone. Students who prefer handwritten notes can still get this satisfaction without smudging. Marking up a PDF document is a lot easier when there is no need to rescan, and presenting from home without a whiteboard is a breeze thanks to Airplay.

The second generation has a few improvements that mainly affect comfort, including the magnetic attachment to the side of an iPad Pro or 4th generation Air, a button to toggle between brush strokes or between writing and erasing, and a flat edge, to prevent rolling away. The June iPadOS update introduced Scribble, an Apple Pencil feature that converts handwriting into text.

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