Sanlam starts future project for company managers


Sanlam yesterday announced the launch of its entrepreneur support program called the Sanlam Bridge. The program is a launch pad for Namibia’s future business leaders who have innovative and exciting business ideas, but don’t have the resources to turn their ideas into reality.

The Sanlam Bridge is a revision of the previous Sanlam Innovation Works program, which Sanlam has implemented over the past five years in collaboration with the Namibia Business Innovation Institute (NBII). The Sanlam Bridge is part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility program and aims to create future leaders in Namibia, promote business innovation and leadership, and encourage job creation and enable young people to generate their own income to earn.

The program is open to young Namibians between the ages of 18 and 35 who either have a business idea or a start-up that is no older than a year.
Interested business hopes are asked to send their business profiles to on or before Monday, March 1st, 2021.

For its part, Sanlam will provide N $ 50,000 seed capital for the selected top 5 companies, support and mentoring from established Namibian corporate individuals, and additional capital for the overall winner of the Sanlam Bridge, to be announced in November.
The five largest companies are expected to meet set criteria and achieve set goals in order to run for the overall winner of the Sanlam Bridge. The company must be required to work with Sanlam for eight months.
The Sanlam Bridge is open to young people across the country.

Hilaria Graig, Marketing and Communication Manager at Sanlam, said in a press release to the media: “Sanlam is aware of the challenging times we are in with the Covid-19 pandemic. Many people have lost their jobs and are turning to entrepreneurship as a source of income and job creation. ”

Graig believes the Sanlam Bridge initiative comes at the right time when many young people are trying to start their own businesses but are often faced with the challenge of seed capital.

She added that the program was designed to encourage young people to chase their entrepreneurial dreams.
Graig also invited young people from across the country to apply for the program.

2021-02-16 Employee reporter

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