Sad! Vanraj gets greeted with just one customer on the first day of his Café’s business



The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ popular show Anupamaa has kept the viewers on the edge of the couch with every single episode with new twists and turns.

20 Jul 2021 02:29 PM


MUMBAI: It was earlier seen that Vanraj’s Café gets no customers, which upsets him.

Anupamaa decides to turn his first customer and orders tea from the Café. 

She also decides to help Vanraj by bringing up new business ideas for the Café.

Soon, Vanraj finally welcomes the first customer to his Café.

Unfortunately, the menu does not contain the food of that customer’s choice, hence they decide to leave.

Anupamaa comes to their rescue and prepares their preferred dish.

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Vanraj gets impressed by Anupamaa’s marketing skills and he asks her if they can be good friends.

Meanwhile, Anupamaa earns a good income on her first day while Vanraj earns from only one customer.

Will Vanraj get new customers or will he have to shut down the Café?

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