SA entrepreneur launches funds to help people start a “sideline”


South African serial entrepreneur Nic Haralambous created the Slow Fund, which offers one person ZAR1,000 (US $ 67) and a 30-minute coaching call every day for a year to help them start the Side Hustle or small business – to move. they dreamed of it.

An accomplished entrepreneur who has sold three companies in the past decade, Haralambous recently wrote a book called “How to start a side hustle“That he believes that it can help many people to finally start their sideline.

He also launched the Slow Fund, which will be launched on February 15th and over the course of a year will offer 365 potential entrepreneurs a small amount of money and a little coaching to help them get their ideas off the ground.

Interested parties can apply HereWhile Haralambous is also looking for other people, and companies in particular, to add to the fund to support emerging entrepreneurs.

“As long as the Slow Fund contains more money, we will drive and finance the business activities.

If you are financially able to contribute to the fund, thank you! If you are a business, let me remind you that small businesses are your lifeblood. They buy from you, deliver to you and keep every economy in the world running. Small businesses start out as a sideline. Do your part and help build up as much background noise as possible, ”he said.