Report: Australian Email Marketing Open Rates Lead the World


Australia’s open and click rates are higher than the global average, but local consumers can unsubscribe faster, according to a new report.

Campaign Monitor’s Email Marketing Benchmark Report is based on 100 billion emails sent by its global customer base between January and December 2020. The overall email open rate in Australia was 20.6 percent, the click rate was 3.1 percent, and the click rate to open rates was 14.8 percent. Those numbers were higher than the US, UK, EMEA and the global average of 18 percent, with the exception of click-to-open rates, which were 0.1 percent higher in the US.

However, the Australian unsubscribe rate was also higher than other regional averages, at 0.2 percent compared to global and US / EMEA / UK averages, which were all 0.1 percent.

According to the report, the best day of the week to send out email marketing campaigns is Friday, which had the highest open rates at 18.9 percent and click rates of 2.7 percent. Friday was also the best day for click-to-open rates (14.5 percent).

The worst day for email marketing was Saturday with registered open rates of 17.3 percent worldwide and click rates of 2.4 percent. However, the worst click-through rate was recorded in Tuesday’s report (13.5 percent).

Across all industries, Campaign Monitor found that government, politics, and nonprofits have the industry’s highest open rates in all sectors at 26.7 percent and 25.5 percent, respectively. Education (24.9 percent) and financial services (24.8 percent) followed. The worst score on the list was retail (12.6 percent).

In Australia, education, food and drink, and government and politics led the opening rates, with education opening rates of 34.3 percent, followed by food and drinks (33.6 percent) and government and politics (31 percent).

Of the three, Campaign Monitor found that Australia’s food and beverage brands far outperformed the global average, more than doubling the benchmark open rate for their industry of 15.2 percent.

In terms of click-to-open rates, government and politics were again at the top of the world with 22.4 percent, followed by real estate, design and construction activities (17.7 percent). The worst came off the retail trade with 8.5 percent.

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In Australia, education led the way (20.2 percent), followed by government and politics (17.5 percent), media, entertainment and publishing (16.5 percent), and nonprofits (16.4 percent).

In terms of click-through rates, retail was also at the bottom of the global list (1.1 percent), while government and politics led the way (6 percent), followed by education (4.3 percent) and nonprofits (4.1 percent). The unsubscribe rates were the same on every weekday.

In Australia, education (5.7 percent), government and politics (5.5 percent), and media, entertainment and publishing (5.3 percent) all topped the click-through rate benchmarks with no other industries breaking the 4 percent Mark. While this largely reflected global industry trends, the Australian media, entertainment and publishing sectors emerged as an exception with more than 2 percent ahead of the global sector average (3.6 percent).

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