Real estate networking tips to keep close in 2020


For some people, networking with other real estate agents is fun and exciting. For others, it’s absolutely terrifying. But while real estate networking may seem like a daunting task, it doesn’t have to be! When you go into a real estate event with a solid strategy, you’ll plant some seeds and start to build relationships with talented agents across the country who may send you some referrals down the line.

Next time you attend a real estate event, remember these networking tips to confidently connect like a pro:

Be an inch wide, but go a mile deep

Instead of scooping as many business cards as you can, focus on connecting with fewer people at a deeper level. Nikol Adamski is a Buffini & Company coached real estate agent in Phoenix, Arizona. Her coach encouraged her to commit to this approach several years back, and it’s a strategy she takes to every Buffini & Company event she attends.

“I now go into each event asking, ‘How can I help?’” Adamski said. “I really enjoy meeting new people, and I just try to relax and have fun!”

Be honest and open

Avoid getting caught up in how others perceive you at real estate events. You have a valuable opportunity to connect with and learn from other agents in your field, so don’t be afraid to open yourself up and be honest about your experiences.

“When you open yourself up, you might be able to help someone solve a problem that is easy for you, yet difficult for them and vice versa,” explained Adamski.

Remember, it’s not a competition! Remain open to connect more deeply with agents and receive solid professional advice from those who’ve been there.

Listen, ask, follow-up

Aim to truly connect with others by listening first, asking questions and following up for more information. Adamski pro tip? “Bring a Sharpie® pen to make notes on their business cards — ballpoint pens don’t write well on glossy cards.”

Remember, you’re seeking out relationships rather than instant gratification. Plant the seeds at these events. Understand that you probably won’t leave with a fully formed relationship and four referrals — those come later through attention and care.

Stay in touch

Always keep up with your connections even when the event is over. Get the agent’s office address so you can send a personal note after. Let them know you enjoyed meeting them and include any details from your conversation that show you were listening — you know, like something about their newest grandchild, mischievous puppy or huge passion for Star Wars.

“You could also give them a call if you really connected,” added Adamski.

Networking is a huge part of the real estate business. The more people you connect with, the more opportunities you’ll have to exchange and receive referrals, increasing your bottom line. If you need a real estate event to put these tips into practice, check out Buffini & Company Master Class. This one-and-a-half-day event has a night just for networking and brings you tons of best practices to master your real estate craft.