Raeraeswimwear Founders Rae Castagno, Cameron Slyvia, Tomas Chlup and Peyton Taft Talks About Business and Future Projects


Raeraeswimwear is a swimwear brand founded by Rae Castagno, Cameron Sylvia, and Peyton Taft. The boost of our brand we get celebrity customers like Tyler Holder and the Kardashians etc. We also work with Tayler Holder and the Kardashions. The brand is very young but is already making a business of 6-7 figures.

The Story Behind The Brand

Rae Castagno formulated the idea of the swimwear brand. As a kid, she often saw her father disrespecting her mother. This behavior hampered her mother’s self-worth, self-esteem. Rae felt this deep frustration to do something about it. But as a kid, she obviously couldn’t do much.

When Rae started working in the fashion industry, she found out that women around her had similar issues with their bodies. It was majorly because of unhealthy standards of beauty,  propagated through every form of media. Rae felt that she could finally do something about it. She decided to create a brand whose beauty standards were realistic and would promote inclusivity.

Our Fashion Designer Rae Castagno and Cameron Slyvia set aside time to work on a swimwear line. She started sketching after work, picked up samples, tested them out. She invested time in finding a good packaging firm. She brainstormed a lot on the brand’s name. After spending countless hours on each aspect of the business, Rae’s idea was finally ready to be launched in the world. Rae launched Raeraeswimwear on May 22, 2018, at the young age of 24.

The journey of Kardashians and Nikita Dragun has constantly motivated Rae. They are beautiful women with intellect running successful businesses. They are beautiful women with intellect running successful businesses. They are strong independent self driven beautiful women in a way of how they carry themselves very well and they make brave choices they take in fashion.

Meeting The Co-founders

Rae was running a solo show until she met her co-founder Peyton Taft, an IMG model. Peyton liked her business ideas, so he decided to invest in the brand. They share a great camaraderie.

Rae later met famous TikToker Cameron Sylvia, who loved her brand and offered to invest in it. Together they have also created a content house called, The Rae House LA. This content house will teach Creators to monetize their business and earn a steady income through content creation. Tomas Chlup will be one of the guidance providers of the Content house. Tomas is an internet celebrity with over 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

Vision For The Brand

Through The Rae House LA, she wants to help content creators generate an income source. As Rae had an unconventional job, she is aware of the risk and uncertainty it brings. She understands that proper guidance can help content creators attain financial freedom. Moreover, the content house will also help creators who want to grow on the internet.

In the case of Raeraeswimwear, she wants the brand to stand for inclusivity. Women of all sizes and shapes should feel comfortable wearing it. She strongly discourages photoshop and makes sure that her catalog photos feature models who look natural. In the next five years, she plans to make the brand international and provide impeccable customer service worldwide.

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