PURPLE IS THE NEW PARTY | Bait and Switch – VC Reporter


by Paul Moomjean


In less than two weeks, newly elected President Joe Biden has already begun pulling back on some of the biggest promises he made during the campaign. One of the most important issues that Americans are concerned with is stimulus checks. The first was $ 1,200. The last was $ 600, which Biden referred to as a “down payment” for the $ 2,000 checks Trump and the DNC were about to give away. However, the moment he took office, he decided to sign a series of executive orders to rejoin international organizations and treaties, and to reverse any executive order signed with his Sharpie pen by former President Donald Trump. When Biden and his people promised we would get back to normal, who then thought it would be so quick? And by normal, I mean giving us the old bait and switching.

Americans don’t care about the Iran deal right now or whether we’re part of the World Health Organization. They don’t care if Donald Trump needs to be indicted in his absence. They take care of their current financial situation. They make sure that their families get the vaccine. They don’t care about all of the pork in Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion stimulus bill. If Joe Biden had really looked after the 80 million people who voted for him and the 75 million he said he was still president for, he would have passed a smaller package so people could get direct help .

CBS News reports that this is a minor possibility, but either party can wait until March to provide relief to someone under $ 75,000 a year.

“There is an 85% chance a scaled-down package will be passed in the first three months of 2021, predicts Hunter Hammond, an analyst at Heights Securities. Checks are likely to be included in this smaller package due to continued support for additional direct household aid. “

Ed Mills, an analyst at investment bank Raymond James, told CBS, “We believe support will be given to a smaller package that includes $ 1,400 checks, more health funding, small business support, and some state and local grants.”

Republicans claim that too many wealthy people or people whose lives are unaffected are given checks. Biden appears to agree and has decided to discuss who will get relief. This is a convoluted way of working to help people. First of all, it is extremely Marxist in theory if you understand that Marx believed that the sharing of government should be “from everyone according to his abilities to everyone according to his needs”. Essentially, the Republicans and Biden decide who really “needs” the money. How would you know?

The New York Times reported that 28% of Americans were actively employed outside of their regular full-time job, and 63% had at least one sideline in their career. Nobody is satisfied with just a medium income check.

I am one of those people. In 2019, I started my standup comedy career full time, doing contract and freelance work. Before that, I was paid to run beauty pageants, chamber of commerce events, and comedy classes for a club. All background noise. In fact, I worked as a contract employee at Amgen from June to September 2019, helping them improve training content with humor and more engaging scripts for the programmers. In early 2020, I had taken on numerous corporate gigs and regular jobs that were paid for comedy. Now all those sideline jobs and comedy appearances are gone due to budget cuts and security restrictions.

Due to a series of events, I took over the comedy school where I was teaching. It’s a good salary position, but not enough to keep you going in Southern California. It set me back that all of my sideline activities stopped because restaurants and live events are banned. This is where the $ 2,000 checks come in: as an addition to the usual sources of income. Biden and the GOP may think they know who makes money and who doesn’t, but their track record is saving the banks and spitting on the people.

We all want the world to “go back to normal,” but let’s start by pumping money back into Americans’ fists. Get us going again. As they promised. Then the politicians can go back to their normal behavior, kidding us. At least that way we have our cake and can eat it too.