Priyanshu Chouhan shares social media trends that can give a ray of hope to marketing in 2021


What the world sees correctly was unimaginable a few months ago, but it has turned into something no one could have thought of. During such cruel times, many industries around the world came to a standstill as the coronavirus quickly spread to many countries around the world.

One such industry that struggles every day to stay strong in the online market is Social Media Influencing, Digital Marketing & IT. The social media industry has always seen an upward trend over the years. To keep it that way, we found an already established social media influencer, producer, and digital marketer from Rajasthan, India, Priyanshu Chouhan, to share some key points to keep in mind about the industry in this too Year to make a hit.

The young social media entrepreneur points out some critical trends in the industry that can do much better in many ways in 2021.

Do whatever it takes to create video content.

The owner of an IT company called “Piyanusquad,” Chouhan says that these days celebs who want to be more engaging with their fans and followers are actively posting their daily videos or going LIVE for them on their social media handles. This is an amazing way that it will soon overwhelm even the trend of just placing pictures. The more celebrities / brands that engage with people in their activities during a pandemic, the more you feel about yourself and this helps to gain more followers.

Audience segmentation is important.

According to Chouhan, targeting all audiences with a common message or content in order to increase your customer’s brand awareness is not the answer. To do this, you need to intelligently segment the audience and address them separately with news or content that may reach them more positively. This helps to get to know a certain target group better and to better increase the traction online.

Make an interaction more private.

When celebs, brands, and companies privately respond to a fan or follower on social media, the impact of the same gives different highs to both customer and follower and helps instill trust in one another. The potential is enormous when you bond with your followers privately, Chouhan believes. An example could be the Instagram Live of some celebs getting more active on the platform, where they reply to almost everyone while they are in a lock.

Make connections.

Chouhan believes that social media influencers need to develop marketing strategies that can create a connection between their customers and their audience. Make brand messages relevant; For example, let your clients share their real-life stories about anything during this pandemic and also share their daily activities or work they intend to let their followers know that we are all together on something and take steps like this, social distancing etc. to fight the virus together.

Chouhan has worked with various directors and producers from B-Town and is striving to do more work for the marketing and promotional activities of various films. In addition, he inspires more and more young entrepreneurs not to lose hope and to come out of the decisive times of the B-Town even stronger world, prove their skills and motivate them with their skills to excel at their work.

Published on February 7, 2021

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