Preferred methods of making money during the Covid-TechRound


The Covid-19 pandemic took its toll last year. Many people struggled financially because they had less income or lost their jobs altogether while others were on vacation.

Wholesale Clearance, a UK company that supplies goods for trade and the public, has seen an increase in people buying wholesale items to sell on the side to make extra money. To find out more about this surge in entrepreneurship, they analyzed Google search data from the UK’s 25 largest cities and identified which areas are seeing the greatest increases in people making money from outside jobs.

The money-making systems analyzed included becoming an influencer, completing surveys in exchange for payment, trading stocks, and entering data. It’s no surprise that London tops the list as the UK’s side hustle capital. The city’s residents have made a total of 94,840 Google searches for various sideline jobs since March 2020, scoring 121 out of 130 available points:

Top 10 Cities Most Interested in Side Hustles




1 London 121.00
2 Birmingham 52.72
3 Bristol 44.05
4th Glasgow 43.11
5 Manchester 41.81
6th Leeds 40.51
7th Edinburgh 39.68
8th Liverpool 39.26
9 Sheffield 35.63
10 Coventry 34.60

Birmingham finished 2nd with 52.72, while Bristol finished 3rd with a respectable 44.05 points. Glasgow and Manchester make up the remainder of the five busiest cities at 43.11 and 41.81 respectively.

The Welsh city of Cardiff has residents with the least interest in outside employment. They ranked last among the 25 cities studied, scoring just 22.69 out of 130 available points.

The extended time at home caused by Covid-19 has given many a much-needed opportunity to clean up their old and unused Marie Kondo style. This could explain why selling second hand goods is the most popular sideline in each city surveyed. The growing focus on reducing fast fashion and upcycling unwanted products could also be a factor in this money-making maneuver.

The idyllic lifestyle that influencers portray around the world appears to have had a significant impact on the UK public. 18,650 Google searches were carried out for “becoming an influencer”. Cardiff can proudly bear the title of “City of Least Glory” as its residents only conduct 260 searches for the hustle and bustle. The Londoners, on the other hand, have searched for the term more than 3,200 times!

Stoke-on-Trent residents appear to be cautious with their money and show the slightest interest in entering the volatile world of stocks and shares. The recent controversy surrounding GameStop is unlikely to instill confidence in this company, while the latest Google search data shows that London, Birmingham and Bristol are the three cities most likely to be interested in participating in the potential financial rewards on offer .

One company that recently saw its shares jump dramatically was Etsy after Elon Musk tweeted his love for the online marketplace. This isn’t the first time Musk’s tweets have impacted the stock market. In April 2020, his tweet that Tesla shares were “too high” resulted in an immediate 12% decline.

Homemade handicrafts are the only sideline for which London is not a top priority. In fact, the capital is the last on our list of 25 cities for this particular hustle and bustle. Plymouth occupies a prime position. Local residents search for “Selling on Etsy” or “Selling Homemade Crafts” 1,390 times. Plymouth ranks 15th in terms of interest in secondary business with 29.67 points.

Commenting on the results, Karl Baxter, Managing Director of Wholesale Clearance, said: “It is interesting to see how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the number of people looking for additional income and the methods that are being used explore them. If you are interested in a sideline, the options are endless. A simple Google search could be the start of something special, or it could help you find a quick way to make a profit to make extra cash. “