Pre-order the Echo Show 10 with Blink Mini


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Take your smart home to the next level.

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Save $ 29.99: Pre-order the new Echo Show 10 and add a Blink mini security camera for just $ 5.

The latest version of Amazon in the Echo Show franchise is expected to be released on February 25th and has a new feature not seen in the others. The Echo Show 10’s camera follows you as you move around the room during a video call. The Facebook portal does this too, but if you prefer Alexa as your smart assistant, you can now incorporate this technology into your home.

If you pre-order the Echo Show 10 now, you can add a Blink mini security camera for just $ 5, saving you $ 29.99 when purchased separately. Of course, the two go together seamlessly, but the Echo Show 10 offers a lot more.

You can control smart home devices like lights and thermostats using either your voice or the 10.1 ”touchscreen. And as mentioned, the device moves with you to keep you in the picture during a video call and to keep an eye on the screen as you follow a recipe.

For privacy reasons, you can electronically disconnect the microphone and camera with the push of a button or physically cover the camera by sliding the built-in shutter. You can also deactivate motion detection at any time.

Enhance your smart home by pre-ordering the Echo Show 10 and Blink Mini Bundle for $ 254.99.

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