Peloton plans marketing return | Ad age


After Peloton pulled out of marketing due to the success of his motorcycles during the COVID-related surge in home fitness, he plans to go back to advertising. Executives discussed the strategy with analysts during a profit call today.

“We’re going to be aggressive again in marketing,” said William Lynch, Peloton’s president, on the call. “We have had amazing organic growth and we want to continue driving that growth.” He notes that a “significant increase” in marketing is planned for the coming third and fourth quarters.

Peloton plans to tell the marketing story of its new Bike + stationary product, which has more features than its now cheaper original bike as well as its treadmill-treadmill product. Marketing will encourage such new products as well as growth in new regions where brand awareness is low.

The company, now in partnership with Beyoncé, also recently bought fitness maker Precor to increase production.